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Julian & Brie Greene, Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

Northern lights from a Cabin in Northern Manitoba, Canada
Image: Julian and Brie Greene

‘We’re Julian and Brie, we love to travel and see all that nature has to offer. Over the years we have always tried to capture our travels through photographs and keep them on Instagram as a digital scrap book for ourselves and other to enjoy. This image was taken on a Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra from the old family cabin in Northern Manitoba, Canada. I’ve never seen the Northern Lights so vivid and active in all of my life. We were lucky if was a clear night and I’m thankful that my phone was able to do it all justice. We’re more than happy to share our pictures with others and have people follow along on our adventures through Instagram.’

Instagram: @jgreene81

Germain Piveteau, iPhone 12 Pro Max 

lavender field at night with stars showing in the background iPhone 12 Pro Max, using the amazing ReeXpose app from Reeflex
Image: Germain Piveteau

‘I’m a French photographer and I have been passionate about photography for over six years. My journey into the world of photography began humbly, capturing moments with my phone. It was the start of an adventure that deeply inspired me to explore the creative possibilities offered by smartphone photography. 

What fascinates me most is getting back to basics: harnessing the power of today’s phones to create striking images. I firmly believe that photography is not just about sophisticated equipment, but rather about the photographer’s eye and their ability to capture emotion and beauty in every shot.

Over the years, I have honed my technical and artistic skills, experimenting with various styles and techniques. Every photo I take is a new exploration, a quest to capture the essence of the moment.

I am excited to share my passion with other photography enthusiasts and to inspire those who wish to embrace this captivating art. Join me on this visual journey, where creativity meets technology to bring stories to life through the lens of a phone.

The photo was taken with an iPhone 12 Pro Max, using the amazing ReeXpose app from Reeflex.’

Instagram: @germain.piveteau 

Victoria Fox, Samsung Galaxy S24+

reflections in manchester tram smartphone photo
Image: Victoria Fox

‘This photograph was taken on the way home from a trip to Manchester, after spending the day walking around the city taking photographs of street life. I noticed the way that the carriage behind the tram I was on was reflecting on the window and used my Samsung Galaxy S24+ to quickly capture the image. Seeing the reflection within the window grabbed my attention with the raindrops on the window showing the gloomy Manchester day. The photograph was then edited into black and white with a slight grain added to give a film-like feel.

Even though this photo was a quick shot using my phone, my real love is film photography. I have recently found my love for street photography, capturing the candid, everyday life within a bustling city shows the natural side of life. I find that using film allows me to stop and think about the importance of each frame. I still enjoy using my DSLR as well when going on quick trips into the city center.’

Instagram: @framed.film_

Anthony Young, Xiaomi 14 Ultra

view of a white cat through wire fencing
Image: Anthony Young

‘This was taken on my Xiaomi 14 Ultra. It was one of those shots when I thought the cat would move as soon as I took my phone out, thankfully the cat enjoyed the attention, posing for several shots and didn’t seem at all bothered by my attention.’ 

Instagram: @Campervanphotography

John Crosby, iPhone 15 Pro

Sasamat Lake, canada taken on iphone 15 pro smartphone
Image: John Crosby

‘This photo was taken on my iPhone 15 Pro with the use of RAW Max. I have been challenging myself to take a photo a day and this photo is day number 558. I was at Sasamat Lake, which is about 30 mins outside of Vancouver, Canada – an easy escape from city life.  This particular weekend is traditionally grey and rainy, but today was going to be different.  It started with the usual grey skies and low cloud, but as the sun rose, things began to clear up.  I love this photo for a few reasons, but mostly the story.  The clouds are still there, but now they are fighting with the golden sunshine for the narrative of the day.  The battle lasted for about 20 minutes before it became sunny and clear.’  

Instagram: @johncrosby_photo

Alex Russell, Google Pixel 6

Center Point building on Tottenham Court Road london in afternoon golden light
Image: Alex Russell

‘The photo was taken on a trip to London, totally a case of right place, right time to catch the late afternoon light on the Center Point building on Tottenham Court Road. Quick adjustment in Lightroom afterwards, and here we are! I’ve always been into photography but like so many others only really taught myself how to edit during lockdown in 2020 when I finally had time on my hands on furlough. 

I mainly post to Instagram and share a whole range of styles and genres depending on what takes my eye and brings me (and hopefully others) joy.’

Instagram: @alexrussell_photo

David Queenan, iPhone 15 Pro Max

minimal pier smartphone photo long exposure
Image: David Queenan

‘This is my local pier and it’s only a five-minute walk from my house, which means I can nip over when conditions are good, and I can time my visits to coincide with a high tide – which is needed if you want the water to reach all the way to the bottom of the frame. I recently upgraded my old iPhone 8 to a new iPhone 15 Pro Max and I was keen to put the camera test along with a new app called ReeXpose, which allows you to use the iPhone to create a long exposure effect. Although it’s not technically a true ‘long exposure’ as the camera actually takes a series of short exposures, which are then blended by the app before delivering a final image, you still need a tripod to ensure any static elements in the frame are rendered sharp. Further editing in Photoshop was then done to remove the land on the horizon to give the image a minimalist ‘fine art’ appearance.’

Website: www.dqphotography.com
Facebook: DavidQueenanPhotography
Instagram: @davidqueenan
X: @davidqueenan

Krutika Balsara, iPhone 12 Pro Max

interior of the british museum taken on iphone 12 pro max smartphone glass roof
Image: Krutika Balsara

‘This photo is entitled ‘The Spectacular Glass Roof’. The famous Bollywood movie song scenes were filmed at The British Museum. The scenes depict the Museum as a collage and the interior looks beautiful, inspiring me to visit the Museum. However, for me, the most beautiful part of this Museum is the glass-roofed, sparkling white Queen Elizabeth II Great Court. I photographed this perfect architecture from the museum’s upper floor and loved how the light came through the glass roof, with the sunlight hitting the side of the wall. This photograph was captured on an iPhone 12 Pro Max with an ultra-wide-angle lens of 13mm, 1/100sec at f/2.4, ISO 32, to capture the entire area of the Great Court and The Glass Roof.’

Instagram: @splitframephotography

Edward Rumble, iPhone 13 Pro Max

fishing huts, known as Carrelets, are a common feature off the Western coast of France
Image: Edward Rumble

‘These lovely fishing huts, known as Carrelets, are a common feature off the Western coast of France between the estuaries of the Gironde and Loire. I discovered this little grouping near Pornic; the outer two huts, each facing away from the middle, gave a very pleasing balance to the composition. However, gale force winds and rain blowing directly inland from the sea made tripod mounting a camera totally impossible. Smartphone to the rescue, I was able to brace against the conditions and experiment with the long exposure feature to capture the image I had in my minds eye. Thankfully the digital file was good enough to allow a little judicious dodging and burning in Photoshop to enhance detail and contrast.’


Instagram: @edmrumble

Andy Bowden, iPhone 12 Pro Max

Newport Pier in Newport Beach, California.  It was the setting of the first just past full moon of the year under clear skies
Image: Andy Bowden

”The Early Morning Line-up’ was taken from standing on the Newport Pier in Newport Beach, California.  It was the setting of the first just past full moon of the year under clear skies, (it was cloudy the day of the full moon so I had to make do with an ‘almost full moon’ shot). 

I walk the beach and the pier most mornings and am always looking for unique photo opportunities that highlight beachscapes with an emphasis on Newport Beach and the surrounding area.  This is part of my ‘Life In A Beach Town’ series that I’ve been compiling for my own personal enjoyment and amusement.  I try to post these photos to my own personal Facebook page as well as the Newport Beach Facebook page. 

I took the photo using an iPhone 12 Pro Max and edited and enhanced it using both Snapseed and Lightroom.’

Instagram: @bowden.andy

vmotd, Google Pixel 6 Pro

the urbanite has travelled to the seaside, standing alone on a pier. black and white silhouette smartphone picture of the week
Image: vmotd

‘My work is under my artist name vmotd. I’m based in Dublin, and I shoot everywhere – this picture was taken on an earlier smartphone of the Google Pixel series, the Google Pixel 6 Pro.

vmotd is spearheading the democratisation of photography through smartphone tech. 

The monochrome images eloquently capture the interplay of light, lines, and shapes in spontaneous, minimalist compositions. With a tongue-in-cheek nod to classic photography, they explore the beauty of architecture and contrast, with their angles, frames, and composition. vmotd’s work often returns to minimalistic, architectural frames with high contrast, showcasing their eye for structural beauty. In vmotd’s words “The choice of what you fill the finite space of a frame with is entirely yours. That choice though reveals everything and often more than you care for.” 

In this poignant image, the urbanite has travelled to the seaside, standing alone on a pier. The figure is relaxed, however they’re not escaping urban angst on the boardwalk, with the vast ocean on one side, and the inevitable crushing city scape on the other.’


Instagram: @vmotd

Anna Frączek, Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

Agafay Desert, Morocco
Image: Anna Frączek

‘Mobile photography is something that brings me great joy. The fact that I have photography equipment with me at all times makes it easier to develop this recently discovered passion. Thanks to this, I can capture every moment. This was also the case in Agafay Desert, Morocco. When I saw a caravan in the distance, I took out my Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra phone and used its 10x zoom. I captured the vastness of space and how in this space people are like particles of sand in the desert.’

Instagram: @anna_world_behind_my_glasses

Muhammad Qureshi, iPhone 13 

battersea power station sunrise reflection in water
Image: Muhammad Qureshi

‘Battersea Power Station on cold Sunday morning at the end of January provided the most amazing subject for my photo. I always look for a different perspective when taking photos and for this one the water feature provided a “reflective” perspective. After several attempts, I finally found the right position, midway from the edge of the water feature, just as the sun was emerging around the corner and through the broken clouds. I like using the phone upside down when taking photos, so I can capture depth but also the subtle ground textures or in this case the mirror like reflection of the water.

I love the deep orange colour of the power station bricks, the emerging purple sky and the orange/yellow glow of the sun on the one hand but then the modern glass structure provides a twist!

I’m an amateur photographer in the true sense of the word as I only started learning the skillset in October 2023. Every weekend, I go out and try to find interesting photography subjects. This weekend it was London, last weekend it was Zurich, Luzern and Engelberg in Switzerland! My portfolio is slowly developing on my Instagram account and I’d love to win some prestigious awards and hold an exhibition soon – perhaps being selected as the smartphone picture of the week by Amateur Photographer is the first step!’

Instagram: @jetsetter007_

Andy Parker, iPhone SE

st marks square in venice smartphone picture of the week
Image: Andy Parker

‘Taken in Saint Mark’s Square in Venice, I used the phone upside down on the ground to get a strong sense of depth and include both foreground and background features. Framing the bell tower though the arch, I waited for people to walk past to create the silhouettes of the figures. It was a bit experimental, but when reviewing the shots, I really liked the resulting shapes of the coat and legs, the angles on the tower, the round light and the archway, but also the abstract reflection on the worn marble, which all give the image lots of interesting visual elements.

Although a big fan of the mirrorless camera (Fujifilm X-series) the iPhone is now my everyday, carry-around camera, given the incredible image quality, and I currently use the iPhone SE (2022). I shoot using the Adobe Lightroom Mobile app as that allows me to capture in RAW and edit in phone using my own black and white presets. A huge fan of monochrome, I shoot almost exclusively in black and white and Venice, for me, is the perfect subject for shooting monochrome given the interplay of light, shadow and reflection. I showcase this with a website and Instagram account dedicated exclusively for my shots around the city.

Originally from the UK, I live and work in Venice as an English teacher, and photography remains a passion rather than career, but it is becoming more and more important in my life.  In fact, I have my first solo exhibition in Venice of over 30 images coming up from 10-23rd February focussing on the beauty and mystery of the venetian fog (or ‘caigo’ in local dialect). So if you’re in Venice for the end of carnival, please pop along!  This exhibition will also include a few shots taken on iPhone, so it just goes to prove that old adage: ‘the best camera is the one you have on you’!’

Website: www.monochromevenice.com

Instagram: @monochrome.venice @andyparker.photo

James Ward, iPhone 13 Pro

Gellért Baths in Budapest Art Nouveau architecture
Image: James Ward

‘The image was taken on my iPhone 13 Pro at Gellért Baths in Budapest on a recent trip there with my wife. It is a fabulous place to visit when in Budapest because of its Art Nouveau architecture and is one of the most historic and famous of Budapest’s thermal baths. I loved the symmetry of the indoor pool, the soft light streaming in through the glass roof and the beautiful blue hue of the waters. Taking a dip in the warm water wasn’t bad either…’

Instagram: @ward_jr

Roberta Savi, iPhone 13

iPhone 13 in Bardolino, at the lakeside promenade of Garda Lake. Best smartphone photos
Image: Roberta Savi

‘I live in Mantova, Italy and this was taken with an iPhone 13 in Bardolino, at the lakeside promenade of Garda Lake, last summer, during a sunny day. I usually take analog photos with Nikon FM2 but sometimes I use the phone.’

Instagram: @ro.flug

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