This is our roundup of the best photographic accessories you can buy, including bags, filters tripods, and lights, with something for every budget starting from under $10 / £10.

NiSi Clever Cleaner for square filters

Nisi Clever Cleaner

$9 | £7 |

If you’re a regular user of square filters, you’ll know how it easy it is to get them covered in fingerprints from sliding them into the holder and removing them after use. This handy device springs open to reveal a rectangular felt cleaning pad, to help keep their surfaces clean and in perfect condition. Packed up it measures just 8 x 4 x 1.5cm, so it will slip easily into your camera bag.

Essential accessory: VSGO Tumbler air blower

VSGO Tumbler dust blower

$24 | £19 |

Bulb air blowers are invaluable for keeping your camera’s sensor clean of dust, which will otherwise leave unsightly blobs on your images. This 10cm tall version is particularly fine example. It filters the air that it draws into the bulb and employs a soft silicone tip that won’t damage your sensor.  A weighted base means that it always stands upright, which also helps keep the tip clean. 

Ilford Simplicity Starter Kit

Ilford Simplicity kit

$30 | £23 |

If you’ve acquired the bug for shooting black & white film, this kit contains all the chemicals you need to start out with home developing. It includes sachets of Ilfosol developer, stop bath, and fixer, each of which dilute to a 600ml solution; sufficient for two rolls of 35mm film, or one of 120. All you need is a developing tank and a measuring jug. The instructions are clear and straightforward, the process is simple and most importantly, the results are impressive. 

Mindshift Gear Filter Nest Mini

Ming Shift Gear Filter set mini

$34 | £27 |

As a simple but effective means of organising a small number of filters in your bag, this neat little case is difficult to beat. Measuring 10 x 9 x 4cm fully packed, it’ll hold four filters up to 82mm in diameter in colour-coded compartments. A plush-lined interior prevents marking or scratches, while a concertina-style design allows it to squash up slimmer when you’re not using all the slots. The nylon webbing handle also allows it to be clipped to a bag strap for easier access while you’re out taking pictures. 

Essential: Sandisk Extreme PRO SDXC UHS-I 128GB

Sandisk Extreme Pro SD card

$35 | £28 |

Memory cards are getting ever cheaper, which means you can stock up on capacity without breaking the bank. For many users, Sandisk’s Extreme PRO range should represent a sweet spot of high performance at a sensible price. They offer write speeds of 90MB/s and read speeds up to 200MB/s, and prices ranging from £17 for 64GB to £200 for a massive 1TB. However, if you regularly shoot video or high-speed bursts with one of the latest cameras, you’ll probably benefit from the faster, but more expensive UHS-II version.

NiSi Universal Adjustable L-plate 

Nisi L NLP baseplate

$35 | £30 |

L-plates allow your camera to be fixed over the top of a tripod head for maximum stability in both portrait and landscape formats. NiSi’s ‘universal’ design comes in four variations, via two base plates for cameras with different tripod socket positioning, and two different vertical brackets for cameras with or without a vari-angle screen. A list on the firm’s website shows which combination works best for any given model. It’s a clever idea that works much better than most universal designs.

Newell FDL USB-C dual battery charger

Newell USB charger

$35 | £30 |

These little USB-powered chargers are incredibly useful for keeping your spare batteries topped up. Available for most popular cameras, they’ll accept two batteries at once. Both a short built-in USB-A cable and a USB-C port are included for power input, which means they can be fuelled from a wide variety of sources. For example, you could top up your batteries in the car while driving between locations, or hook one up to a powerbank in your bag while you’re shooting. 

Think Tank Emergency Rain Cover

Think tank rain cover

£34-£59 |

There’s a lot to be said for having a camera cover that you can pull from your bag to protect your gear from a sudden downpour. This example is designed to fit DSLR or mirrorless cameras and is available in three sizes to accommodate a wide range of lenses. The smallest is ideal for a camera body with a 24-70mm lens attached, while the largest will cover a long telephoto lens. It features a large window to view your camera’s screen and controls, while compressing down into a compact carrying pouch for convenience. 

Kase Soft Filter Bag 100mm 

Kase soft filter case

$45 | £37 |

For photographers who regularly use 100mm square filter systems, this might just be perfect case for carrying all your kit in a single place. The main compartment holds up to ten filters in softly lined pockets, with a concertina-style zip opening giving easy access. Meanwhile, a pocket on the front will hold your filter holder and adapter rings. It comes with a shoulder strap and can also be easily attached to your tripod while shooting. 

NiSi Compact Filter Kits

Nisi compact filter kit

£42-£85 |

Users of compact cameras with built-in lenses have rarely had the option to use filters creatively, so it’s great to see NiSi address this with an inexpensive range of specially tailored kits. They’re available for Fujifilm X100-series cameras, the Sony RX100 VI or VII, and the Ricoh GR2 / GR3. We’d choose the Pro kit, which includes the holder plus polarising, neutral density, graduated ND and natural night filters for £53. For other compact cameras, there’s also a holder with a 49mm thread.

1910 fotografi ‘HCB’ strap

HCB Nicca

$55 | £45 |

All new cameras come with perfectly functional black nylon straps, but if you’d like to spruce up your pride and joy with something more distinctive and stylish, we love 1901 fotografi’s simple and elegant leather straps. The ‘HCB’ is 16mm wide, with 11mm ends to fit most cameras, and a generous 115cm in length; you can also order custom lengths up to 165cm. Hand-crafted from fine vegetable-tanned leather, it comes in a choice of eight colours.     

Hoya Ultra-Pro Circular Polariser

Hoya Ultra Pro Polariser

£56-£199 |

Hoya’s premium range of circular polarisers is available in 13 sizes from 37mm to 82mm. These filters boast the toughest glass and use 16 layers of anti-reflective coatings to provide excellent light transmission. They’re also designed to repel water and oil while being scratch and stain resistant. An ultra-thin aluminium frame prevents vignetting when used with wideangle lenses. They’re pricey compared to other polarisers, but absolute top quality.

Essential Film Holder Kit

Essential Film Holder

£65 |

If you regularly shoot film with the intention of digitising it afterwards, or you have a load of old negatives that you’d like to copy, this simple but effective film holder might be a godsend. It’s designed to hold 35mm negatives or 120 roll film above a lightbox for copying using a DSLR or mirrorless camera with a macro lens. It makes light work of copying strips of negatives and is very much faster than using a scanner. It can be bought either as a self-assembly kit for £65, or pre-assembled for £90.

Newell USB-C onboard battery 

Newell USB-C battery

£69-75 |

These high-quality replacement camera batteries have a particularly clever trick. They sport built-in USB-C ports for direct recharging, meaning there’s no need to carry an external charger. They’re available in types to fit most of the latest cameras, including Canon LP-E6NH, Fujifilm NP-W235, Nikon EN-EL3E and EN-EL15C, OM System BLX-1, and Sony NP-FZ100, each with 2300mAh capacity. There are also Sony NP-F570 and NP-F770 versions, which are wildly used to power portable LED lights and video monitors/recorders. 

3 Legged Thing Punks Trent 2.0

3 legged thing Trent 2 and docz 2

£79 |

This sturdy four-section monopod extends to a remarkable 2 metres and is rated for a 30kg load, meaning it should support the largest of telephoto lenses. Thanks to its magnesium alloy construction, it’s also much lighter than you’d expect, at 728g. Not only will it cater to the tallest of photographers, it can also accommodate situations such as when you’re standing on steps or uneven ground. It’s available either on its own or in a kit with the Docz2.0 tripod stand, which provides useful extra stability for £119.  

Vallerret Markhof Pro3 Photography Gloves

Valleret Markhof Pro Vr gloves

£80 |

While you can use any gloves you like when out taking pictures, if you often shoot in cold weather there’s a lot to be said for specialist ones that let you use your camera’s controls easily while keeping your hands warm. These superb gloves boast magnetically secured fold-back tips for your thumb and forefinger, along with non-slip grips. The water-resistant shell is complemented by a comfortable Merino Wool liner and Thinsulate mid-layer for warmth, and they even have zipped pockets for SD cards. They’re available in a choice of black or olive green.

Great for backups: Samsung Portable SSD T7 Shield

Samsung t& shield

$95 | £80 (1TB) |

This small and lightweight SSD weighs just 98g, yet provides plenty of space to back up your precious photo and video files. It’s also physically robust, with an aluminium shell that’s encased in a ridged, rubberised armour. Thanks to its use of USB-C 3.2 Gen2, image transfer is rapid, with the drive being rated for write speeds up to 1000MB/sec, and read speeds up to 1050MB/sec. It’s available in 1TB capacity for £80, or 2TB for £129, which represents great value for money.

Rode VideoMicro II

Rode Video Microphone

$79 | £82 |

This updated version of Rode’s much imitated VideoMicro is in effect a completely new design. It’s a small, lightweight unit that picks up sounds primarily from the front, making it ideal for recording someone talking to camera. It’s powered directly from the camera and boasts a much-improved Helix anti-shock mount. Most importantly, it delivers high quality sound that belies its size, aided by the impressively effective furry windshield. If you want to improve your video soundtrack with the minimum of fuss, it comes highly recommended.

Haida PROII CPL + VND 2-in-1 Filter 82mm

Haida CPL VND filter

$109 | £83 |

This filter combines the two types that both videographers and photographers arguably find most useful. It’s a high-quality polariser combined with a variable neutral density filter that provides a 3-7 stop range. Rotating the red anodised outer ring controls the polarisation, while the density is adjusted using a large metal pin, with markings at 1-stop intervals. Its build and optical quality belie its relatively low price, and it comes in a robust protective plastic case.   

Tenba DNA Slim 9 

Tenba DNA 9 slim Messenger bag

£87 |

If you’d like a small shoulder bag to carry a camera and a couple of lenses, this is among the best you’ll find. Measuring 28cm wide by 20cm tall, it’s well suited to holding a mirrorless camera or a compact DSLR. It gives quick access to your kit via a top zip opening and the quality of materials and construction is excellent. There’s a padded slip pocket for a 10in tablet and plenty of other pockets for organising accessories.

Wacom Intuos Small Bluetooth Tablet

Wacom Intuos tablet

$99 | £89 |

If you spend a lot of time editing your images and want to take more precise control of the cursor, a graphics tablet such as the Wacom Intuos can be an invaluable accessory. This entry-level model is aimed at those who may have never used such a device before and represents great value for money. The Bluetooth version connects to your computer wirelessly for extra convenience, but those on a tighter budget can buy the same device with a USB cable for £69.

Datacolor Spyder Checkr Photo

Datacolor Spyder Checkr colourchecker

$99 | £99 |

For certain types of photography, for example products or portraits, getting accurate colours can be essential. This is where a colour reference tool like the Datacolor Spyder Checkr Photo comes in. It can be used either for visual colour evaluation, or to create a profile for your camera that’s compatible with industry-standard Adobe software. Its four colour targets are user replaceable, with a range of skin-tone references alongside white balance targets and a standard 24-patch colour chart.   

Vanguard Veo City CB29 Cross Body Bag

Vanguard VEO City shoulder bag

$110 | £110 |

This shoulder bag is ideal for carrying enough kit for everyday or travel usage. It’ll hold a mirrorless or small camera and one or two lenses, plus an 8-in tablet. There are lots of additional pockets and clever ways to store accessories such as memory cards and cables. Designed to be worn across your body, the bag opens from the top but extends outwards, giving you plenty of space to find what you’re looking for. It’s also smart and stylish, and comes in three different colours: blue, green, or grey.

Lexar 64GB Professional Type B CFexpress card 

Lexar CF Express Type B memory card

£125 |

Many of the latest cameras now use CFexpress cards, whose much faster write speeds compared to SD cards allow for longer burst shooting and higher quality video recording. Most use the larger Type B cards, with the notable exception of Sony. We’ve found this card to work reliably across cameras of all brands, supporting sustained high-speed shooting with ease. Lexar also makes a matched card reader for similarly rapid copying of files to your computer.    

Fujifilm instax pronter

$129 | £130 |

We’ve long been fans of Fujifilm’s Instax printers, which can be used to create prints on instant film wirelessly from your smartphone and select Fujifilm cameras. This one employs the firm’s largest Instax Wide format, giving an image size of 2.4” x 3.9″. It connects easily via Bluetooth and works via a nicely designed app that even lets you add text or create collages. Thanks to a built-in rechargeable battery, the device is readily portable. It’s available in either white or grey.  

MeFoto Roadtrip Pro 6-in-1 travel tripod

MeFoto RoadTrip Pro tripod

£159 |

If you’re looking for a lightweight tripod, this might just be the most versatile support we’ve ever seen. You get a full-size tripod, a table-top tripod, a monopod and a boom arm; even the camera plate converts into a smartphone holder. Thanks to its 5-section legs and 2-section centre column, it extends to over 1.5m, while packing down to 38.5cm and offering an 8kg rated load. Yet the full kit weighs in at just 1.5kg. Compact yet sturdy and well-made, it’s incredible value for money.

Manfrotto Pro Light Multiloader

Manfrotto Pro Light Multiloader backpack

£185 |

Manfrotto’s Pro Light range is designed for professional and serious enthusiast photographers. Of the four models available, the Multiloader is the most versatile, with openings at the top, front and either side. It’ll hold a considerable quantity of kit while still meeting carry-on regulations, with space for a camera and three lenses in the top section plus another body and four or five lenses below, including a large telephoto zoom. The harness is top-notch, making it comfortable to carry even when full.  

Nanlite FS-60B

Nanlite FS60B studio light

£186 |

Designed for studio-lighting beginners, this compact, mains-powered bi-colour LED light offers powerful output given its diminutive dimensions. It covers a broad 2700K to 6500K colour temperature range, covering everything from artificial light to daylight. A Bowens S-Mount adapter comes in the box, giving access to an enormous range of third-party accessories and light modifiers. All in all, it’s a nice handy light at a good price.

Lexar Professional 2000x SDXC UHS-II

Lexar pro 2000x SDXC card

$169 | £199 (128GB) |

While many photographers will be happy with standard UHS-I SD cards, the faster UHS-II type media can be invaluable for those who shoot high-speed bursts or record high-resolution video. Lexar’s gold-label Professional 2000x SDXC card is up there with the best we’ve tested, offering rapid 300MB/sec read and 260 MB/sec write speeds. The card is also claimed to be shockproof, vibration proof, protected against X-rays, and to work in temperatures from 0°C to 70°C.

Epson Expression Photo XP970 

Epson XP 970 printer

$235 | £219 |

This impressive multifunctional printer is capable of producing A3 prints while retaining a compact footprint. Along with a conventional USB connection, it can work over Wi-Fi from a laptop, smartphone, or tablet, or print directly from an SD card or USB stick, controlled using the excellent 10.9cm colour LCD touchscreen. Other handy features include a 4800 DPI A4 scanner and double-sided document printing. Keen photographers in need of a compact but high-quality all-in-one printer need look no further.


Loupedeck editing keyboard

$279 | £219 |

If spend much time editing your images using Lightroom or Photoshop, you’ll probably find this involves a lot of repetitive mouse work, and lots of dragging of fiddly sliders. The Loupedeck+ is a dedicated image editing console that’s much the same size as a conventional keyboard. It replicates Adobe’s raw development adjustments using dedicated physical buttons and dials, while adding various user-customisable controls. It’s compatible with both Mac and Windows computers, connecting via a USB cable.

Kase Revolution Magnetic Circular Filter Kits

Kase revolutiono 77mm kit

£230-£699 |

In a clever re-imagining of how filters should work, these kits include polarising, 3-stop and 6-stop neutral density filters that snap magnetically onto adapters that screw into your lens. This considerably speeds up the process of using filters, which encourages you to use them creatively. Kits are available in 77mm, 82mm, 95mm and 112mm sizes, with lens adapter rings available in all sizes from 49mm upwards. Pro kits add a 10-stop neutral-density filter. A guide on the firm’s website helps you select the ideal size kit for your lenses.  

Benro Cyanbird N00P tripod kit

Best accessories, Benro Cyanbird tripod

£235 |

This ultra-compact tripod folds down to a travel-friendly package that’s 6cm in diameter and weighs just a fraction over 1kg. It achieves this using legs with a wide-but-thin arched profile that pack neatly around a hexagonal centre column. The kit includes a compact ball head and comes with a neat roll-up travel case. The tripod will comfortably support a full-frame mirrorless camera with standard zoom lens attached and can extend up to 155cm. 

Datacolor Spyder X2 Elite

Best accessories, Datacolor Spyder

$299 | £249 |

This latest iteration of the Datacolor’s monitor calibration device is designed to help photographers and videographers adopt a colour managed workflow, ensuring that their laptop screens and desktop monitors all display images and footage accurately. The hardware has been updated with a USB-C connector and the software has been substantially revised. It’s easy to use and the calibration process is speedy, taking less than 90 seconds to complete.

Rode Wireless Go II

Best accessories, Rode wireless go II kit

$285 | £279 |

This compact wireless microphone kit comprises a receiver and two transmitters, each powered by a built-in rechargeable battery. Each transmitter incorporates an omnidirectional microphone and can send audio to a receiver up to 200m away, backed up by onboard recording which is activated as soon as it’s turned on. It’s really easy to use, making this one of the most attractive microphones around for recording interviews, vlogging audio or ambient sounds.

Intrepid Compact Enlarger

Best accessories, Intrepid Enlarger

£280 |

Enlargers for making prints at home always used to be large, heavy and expensive, but UK-based Intrepid has changed that with this revolutionary design. By utilising sophisticated colour LED technology, it’s produced a stunningly small yet fully featured enlarger that can be mounted on a copy stand or tripod. Everything is operated from a single control box, with filters for colour balance and contrast built in. It’ll work with negatives from 35mm to 6x9cm; you’ll just need a suitable lens.

Wandrd Prvke 31 V3 Photography Bundle

Best accessories, Wandrd Prvke backpack

$324 | £285 |

Available in black, green or blue, this stylish backpack is well-sized for travelling with your camera. It’s sold either by itself or as a Photography Bundle that includes a customisable camera cube. The exterior is made from waterproof tarpaulin, which gives it a tough yet smart wipe-clean finish. Access is provided from the top, back and one side, and there’s space for a camera and 2-4 lenses (including a 70-200mm f/2.8) plus a 15in laptop.

Billingham Hadley Pro 2020 

Best accessories, Billingham Hadley Pro

$339 | £293 |

This latest model in an iconic line of British-made bags will accommodate a full-frame mirrorless camera and 3 or 4 lenses. It includes a detachable shoulder strap and a strap on the back that allows it to be slipped over the handle of a suitcase. It’s impeccably constructed from premium materials, including Billingham’s signature waterproof triple-layer canvas. A variety of attractive colour combinations is available, including black, khaki, navy, and sage. It may be pricey, but it will last for decades. 

Formatt Hitech Onyx 85mm Seascape Kit

Best accessories, Formatt Hitech Onyx seascape kit

£345 |

While many photographers favour square filter systems, 100mm setups are bulky. If you use an APS-C or Micro Four Thirds camera, or don’t usually shoot at angles wider than 18mm (or equivalent), then a more portable and affordable 85mm system should do the job. This kit includes a polariser, a 6-stop neutral density filter, and 3-stop soft- and hard-edge ND graduated filters. It’ll fit lenses with threads up to 77mm, with step rings for 72mm, 67mm and 58mm supplied in the box.

Adaptalux Studio LED Macro Lighting Combo Pack 

Best accessories, Adaptalux Studio LED Combo Pack

£365 |

Adaptalux’s clever modular LED system is perfect for lighting small subjects creatively. This Macro Lighting pack includes a control pod with a built-in rechargeable battery, four flexible lighting arms (two white, one blue and one green), plus three diffusers and two colour filters. Lights are controlled using the Adaptalux smartphone app, with always-on LED lighting making it easy to visualise the results in real time. Plenty of other accessories are also available to expand your setup.

Shimoda Women’s Series Explore v2 30

Best accessories, Shimoda Women's series Explore backpack

$384 | £369 |

Shimoda’s Explore range of backpacks are designed for travel and outdoor use. Unusually, they include models that come with straps specifically designed for women. The Explore V30 comes fitted with the firm’s Medium Mirrorless v2 Core Unit that can house a full-frame mirrorless camera and two or three lenses, including a 70-200mm f/2.8. Your kit is accessed from the side or back, and there are side pockets for a water bottle and tripod. 

Vanguard VEO 3+ 303CBS kit

Best accessories, Vanguard VEO 303S tripod

£499 |

This sturdy, versatile tripod is ideal for landscape and macro photographers. With its 3-section carbon fibre legs and tilting centre column, it allows you to position your camera practically anywhere and at almost any angle you like, and will then hold it firmly in place. Thanks to the impressively hefty BH-250S ball head, it’ll easily support a full-frame camera and telephoto zoom lens. It’s rather long and heavy, but one of the most versatile tripods you could wish for. 

Calibrite ColorChecker Studio

Best accessories, Calibrite colorchecker

$569 | £519 |

This kit enables photographers to adopt a completely colour-managed workflow, from capture through display to print. It allows you to profile the colour characteristics of cameras and scanners when recording images, of monitors and projectors when displaying them, and of printers when outputting your finished work. It works with both Mac and Windows computers, and crucially gives really good results. It’s a great tool for any photographer looking to take complete control over their colour management.

DJI Mini 3

Best accessories, DJi Mini 3

$549 | £569 with RC Controller |

DJI’s ultra-light drone is the ideal start-point for inexperienced flyers. It weighs less than 250g, which means that you only need to get a Flyer ID and Operator ID from the CAA to use it in the UK. It’s equipped to shoot 12MP or 48MP stills and 4K video, with a 24mm equivalent f/1.7 lens. It lacks some of the more advanced features of the Pro version, but is rather cheaper in return. Crucially, it’s easy to fly and delivers very creditable results.

Rotolight NEO 3 Pro

Best accessories, Rotolight

$749 | £649 |

Rotolight’s premium compact on-camera light offers a unique feature set, with its full colour RGBWW LEDs providing either continuous light or flash in 16.7 million colours, including 2,500 pre-programmed gel filters. It also boasts smartphone connectivity and compatibility with Godox, Profoto, and Elinchrom remote flash systems. Power is provided by an NP-F type Li-ion battery, and everything is controlled via a full-colour touchscreen interface or the Rotolight smartphone app. The kit includes a ball head and a useful dome diffuser.

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