Tripod maker, 3 Legged Thing has released a new colourway for its L-bracket models – “Darkness”.

The limited edition matte black option now offers photographers more choice and has expanded the existing QR11 2.0, Zelda, Roxie and Gracy L-bracket range.

This deep matte black colour was added in response to requests from photographers in the field, including wildlife photographers who needed a more discreet set-up working in hides.

The 3 Legged Thing L-brackets allow a quick change from landscape to portrait orientation when using a tripod. They’re also used to help maintain a level horizon and keep the camera on the same focal plane, while keeping the weight of the camera above the centre of the tripod – the most stable position.

3 Legged Thing 11.20 Darkness tripod L-Bracket

3 Legged Thing’s “Darkness” L-bracket , the QR11.20 is available in two sizes to suit most standard mirrorless and DSLR cameras

Tripod L-brackets for Nikon – “Zelda”

The Zelda line was designed in co-operation with Nikon to perfectly fit the contours of the Nikon Z5, Z6, Z7, Z6 II and Z7 II cameras.

These brackets give the user full access to side ports, battery door and memory card slots. Zelda is compatible with the FTZ or FTZ II lens adapter fitted and also accommodates the WR-R10 wireless adapter.

3 Legged Thing Zelda L-Bracket in Darkness colourway

3 Legged Thing “Darkness” L-Bracket “Zelda” – designed in co-operation with Nikon to fit Z-Series cameras

Tripod L-brackets for Canon – “Roxie”

The Roxie is designed to fit both the Canon EOS R5 and R6 as well as the new EOS R5 C cine camera. Ergonomically designed for these camera models, it also includes an adjustable locator pin to ensure a secure fit.

3 Legged Thing "Roxie" L-Bracket in "Darkness" colourway

3 Legged Thing L-Bracket “Roxie” – ergonomically designed for the EOS R5 and R6 and the 8K Cinema EOS R5 C camera

Tripod L-brackets for Fujifilm – “Gracy L”

For Fujifilm users, the Gracy L-bracket works with the GFX100S and GFX50S II. If you want to accommodate a cable when shooting in portrait orientation you can extend this bracket’s base. It also includes a cable management tool.

3 Legged Thing Gracy-L Tripod L Bracket in Darkness colourway

3 Legged Thing L-Bracket “Gracy-L” for Fujifilm includes a cable management tool.

Darkness… from 3leggedthing on Vimeo.


QR11 2.0, Gracy, Roxie, and Zelda L-brackets in the limited-edition Darkness colourway are available online at at the following prices:

QR11-L2.0 £49.99 / US $ 59.99 / €49.99

QR11-FB2.0 £59.99 / US $ 69.99 / €58.33

Gracy £99.99 / US $ 119.99 / €99.99

Roxie £89.99 / US $ 99.99 / €83.33

Zelda £89.99 / US $ 99.99 / €83.33

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