Sandmarc, a manufacturer which specialises in products for photographers, filmmakers and travelers, has launched the new Sandmarc Probe Lens, a macro lens that can be attached to your iPhone.

The Sandmarc Probe Lens is a 12-inch lens with a wide depth of field that allows it to keep more of the scene in focus when compared to a traditional macro lens. The lens also features an integrated LED light, an adjustable focus wheel and the ability to switch between high and low lighting options. It is compatible with all iPhones, including the iPhone 15 Pro Max, iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro – as well as older models.

Sandmarc Probe Lens mounted on an iPhone 15 Pro Max, with integrated LED light turned on. Photo: Sandmarc.

While you can pre-order the lens on its own for $335, it can alternatively be bought with an included iPhone case for $349.99. Find out more on Sandmarc’s website.

Sandmarc Probe Lens key features:

  • Focal Length: 16mm
  • Magnification: 2.1x
  • Field of View Angle (degree): 106°
  • Focus Distance: 16mm
  • Length: 346mm
  • Diameter: 35.3mm
  • Weight: 9.1 Oz (258g)
  • Compatible with all iPhone models
Sample image shot with Sandmarc Probe Lens mounted on an iPhone 15 Pro Max. Photo: Sandmarc.

From Sandmarc:

San Diego, California — SANDMARC, a brand specializing in designing products for photographers, filmmakers, and travelers, is launching its latest product, the SANDMARC Probe Lens; A lens capturing close-up and unique perspectives, transforming iPhone’s camera into an immersive experience.

12-Inch Lens

The Probe Lens allows for probing between, through, and over any object. With 12 inches of length, create an immersive experience that will capture every detail. With a compatible SANDMARC case easily screw on the Probe lens to your iPhone and elevate your filmmaking experience.

Wide Depth of Field

Despite being a macro lens, the probe lens often maintains a wide depth of field, keeping more of the scene in focus compared to a traditional macro lens.

The high-resolution lens captures sharp and in-detail macro shots. Get up close, and creative with the Probe Lens by creating more unique shots. This is not your average macro lens and will give your videos that extra flare.

LED Light

Lighting will not be an issue with the SANDMARC Probe Lens. The lens features an integrated LED light that enhances clarity. With two settings for greater adaptability, users can switch between high and low lighting options.

Adjustable Focus Wheel

Probe Lens are meant for movement, and the need to adjust the focus is of priority. The adjustable focus wheel allows for clear focus no matter the shot. Located on the outer rim of the Probe Lens, easily adjust the focus as you shoot.

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