Vanguard are launching their most stable and versatile tripod ever, the VEO 3+ 303 aluminium and carbon fibre tripods. As with all models in the VEO 3+ Collection, these include the intuitive and innovative multi-angle central column that moves almost 360° in any direction, and converts to a multi-mount, with the three leg angles for maximum versatility. Ideal for getting into the perfect position with ease for macro and studio photography, or just getting the best angle in the field. The key upgrade is the super solid 30mm diameter legs that deliver a maximum load capacity of 25kg.

The VEO 3+ 303 comes as tripods only, or as tripod kits with a new VEO BH-250S Dual Axis Ball Head. To match the tripods, this head has a 25kg load capacity and a friction control, and the dual axis allows the tripod to be levelled in seconds without needing to fiddle about with the tripod legs.

The Vanguard VEO 3+ 303 tripods are expected to be available from May 2023, starting from £299.99.

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Vanguard VEO3+ 303CBS low-level shooting with Sony A7R IV and Sigma 100-400mm lens

The Vanguard VEO3+ 303CBS set up for low-level shooting using the Sony A7R IV and Sigma 100-400mm lens. Image credit: Andy westlake

From Vanguard, United Kingdom 20th April 2023:

The VEO 3+ Series was launched in October 2020 to widespread acclaim by reviewers and photographers alike. This included winning the Photography News Award for Best Aluminium Tripod, Indy Best Buy 2021 and amazing reviews by leading review sites such as Amateur Photographer, Digital Camera World, ePhotozine and Camera Jabber.

Building on this success, the team at Vanguard are delighted to introduce their most stable and versatile tripods ever, combining 30mm legs with the outstanding multi-angle central column in the VEO 3+ 303 aluminium and carbon tripods. This delivers an incredibly stable yet versatile tripod with a centre column which can move almost 360° in any direction and convert into a multi-mount with the adaptor provided.

VEO 3+303ABS tripod

VEO 3+303ABS tripod. Image credit: Vanguard

Buy introducing the 30mm diameter legs in three sections Vanguard delivers a pair of solid tripods that can hold up to 25kg and to maximise the stability, Vanguard have removed the monopod leg feature that is available in 26mm models. For compatibility with any head they include a reversible 1/4” and 3/8” thread.

To ensure that you can make the most of this added load capacity, Vanguard is also introducing a new Arca compatible dual axis ball head with a 25kg load capacity, the VEO BH-250S. This includes a friction control for greater control with heavier lenses, while the dual axis function allows you to get a level in seconds on any terrain and take perfect panoramas.

These ultra-solid tripod legs, and the new VEO BH-250S are then combined to create a kit that is perfect for any style of photography, indoors and outdoors.

new Arca compatible dual axis ball head with a 25kg load capacity, the VEO BH-250S

New Arca compatible dual axis ball head with a 25kg load capacity, the VEO BH-250S. Image credit: Vanguard

VEO 3+303 Product details:

  • VEO 3+ 303AT: £299.99
  • VEO 3+ 303ABS: £399.99
  • VEO 3+ 303CT: £399.99
  • VEO 3+ 303CBS: £499.99
  • VEO BH-250S: £139.99

So if you’re looking for an incredibly versatile tripod, but don’t want to compromise on stability, check out Vanguard’s range of VEO 3+ 303 tripods in your dealer and #makeupyourownmind

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