The Google Pixel 7 range includes some of the best camera phones, as well as some good budget options, for photographers. Now, the Google Pixel 8 and Google Pixel 8 Pro have been announced and are available to pre-order.

The Google Pixel 8 Pro gets a new 50MP main camera sensor with improved low-light performance, an upgraded 48MP telephoto camera, and autofocus on the selfie camera as well as the ability to access manual camera settings from the native camera app. There are also new Pro controls over ISO sensitivity, shutter speed, lens selection, and focus.

Both the Google Pixel 8 Pro and Google Pixel 8 bring features like Best Take, which uses a series of similar photos taken close together to help you automatically create a blended image with everyone’s best expression. You can also manually select another look from the other photos you took to get the group photo you want.

The Magic Editor tool uses Generative AI and can move and change a subject’s size. The Audio Magic Eraser can similarly be used to bring down certain sounds, like wind and people talking in the background.

Google Pixel 8 Pro at a glance:

  • 50MP main camera, f/1.7, 25mm equivalent, PDAF, OIS
  • 48MP 5x telephoto camera, f/2.8, 113mm equivalent, PDAF, OIS
  • 48MP ultra-wide camera, f/2.0, PDAF
  • 10.5MP selfie camera, f/2.2, PDAF
  • 6.7inch OLED screen, 120Hz, HDR10+, Victus 2
  • 5050mAh battery (wired and wireless charging)
Google Pixel 8 in Rose

Google Pixel 8 in Rose. Credit: Google.

Google Pixel 8 cameras at a glance:

  • 50MP main camera, f/1.7, 25mm equivalent, PDAF, OIS
  • 12MP ultra-wide-angle camera, f/2.2, with AF
  • 10.5MP selfie camera, f/2.2, fixed focus
  • 6.2inch OLED screen, 120Hz, HDR10+, Victus
  • 4565mAh battery (wired and wireless charging)

For video shooters, Video Boost will offload some complex video AI processing to the cloud so it can edit every frame. That’s a whole lot of data to handle from a 4K video clip. It enables more robust HDR for video as well as Night Sight Video, which is said to make low-light scenarios much brighter. It’s set to arrive via a feature drop in December.

The Google Pixel 8 is lighter and smaller than the Google Pixel 8 Pro. It gets a new ultrawide 12 MP camera with autofocus and Macro capabilities, a 50MP main camera with 8x Super-Res digital zoom and a 10.5 MP selfie camera.

The 128GB Google Pixel 8 is priced at $699. The 128GB Google Pixel 8 Pro starts at $999. Buyers in Europe and the US will get a free Pixel Buds Pro when buying their Pixel 8 phone, and a Pixel Watch 2 with a Pixel 8. Both phones will be available at the Google Store and retailers from October 12, and feature the latest version of Android 14.

Google Pixel 8 Pro Video Boost vs iPhone 15 Pro Max video footage

Google demonstrated their Video Boost feature compared against video footage taken with the iPhone 15 Pro Max. Credit: Google.

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