Google has announced that their recently released Google Pixel 8 Pro, which is among the best phones for photographers, became their first device to run their own new AI model, called Gemini. The Google Pixel 8 series already comes with several AI features like Best Take and Magic Editor that made a splash when the phones were announced in October.

Video features in particular get a boost according to Google’s blog post on the updates. The Video Boost feature on the Google Pixel 8 Pro now uses AI to adjust the colour, lighting, stabilisation and graininess when it uploads your videos to the cloud. Night Sight video is also enabled, which uses AI to apply noise reduction to videos recorded at night or in low light, including timelapse videos.

Google Pixel 8 Best Take mode. Photo JW/AP

We tried the Google Pixel 8’s Best Take mode in our full review. Photo JW/AP

Additionally, AI is used to remove harsh shadows from portrait photos and Photo Unblur is said to be better at sharpening images of dogs and cats and helping refocus people’s faces and backgrounds.

Gemini is said to be optimised to run on everything from data centers to smartphones and comes in three sizes: Ultra, Pro and Nano, with Gemini Nano being used for the Google Pixel 8 Pro. Other Google Pixel devices are getting upgrades too, with the Google Pixel Fold gets a Dual Screen Preview mode for previewing photos.

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