Happy World Photography Day! Over on our social channels we asked you to share your best photographs taken this year so far to celebrate World Photography Day. Here’s a selection of what you shared! Including wildlife, motorsports and more.

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World Photography Day 2023

Ross Tomkins

Instagram: @RossTomkinsPhotography

‘The 80th Goodwood Members Meeting was my first chance to try out my new Canon EOS R7 and what better to shoot than one of the most iconic formula 1 cars of all time, the flame spitting Brabham BT52. I knew the chicane would be my best bet to get some decent flames and after holding my spot for well over an hour in preparation it was finally time. A few laps passed but it only started flaming on the last lap. I fumbled to get an excited shot of burst and finally, I got the shot I knew I wanted.’

goodwood meeting motor sports car in action for world photography day 2023

Photo: Ross Tomkins

Canon EOS R7 · f/13 · 1/160s · 116mm · ISO100

Paul Galletly

X: CMemories73, Instagram: @Photoyou73

‘My favourite spot is always trying to get the iconic shot of the aircraft over St Paul’s Cathedral and heard they were doing something special for the Kings first trooping the colour and as you can see it did not disappoint. My photography is my way to keep my mind and body in a good place, brilliant for mental health. I’m normally in the parks for nature but I do love aviation. I hope next year to do an airshow once my health improves’

fly over over st pauls cathedral for King Charles first trooping the colour

Photo: Paul Galletly

Tanya Liepins

Instagram: @tanya_capturedmomentimages

‘I’m currently doing a project on Flowers. I took this image, entitled ‘Flat Sea Holly’ using a cubed light box, set up on my table. I create my own backgrounds so I’m able to match the tones with those of the Flowers. I used my Nikon Z6, the Z mount 50mm Macro Lens and took 20 images using the Focus shift facility and stacked using Helicon Focus.

This sort of photography is great for days when I can’t get out, or on rainy days. I love this image as there are so many textures and delicate tones and when you look closely you can see all the individual flowers on the main thistle head.’

flat sea holly against purple background focus stacked image for world photography day 2023

Photo: Tanya Liepins

NIKON Z 6 · f/14 · 1/8s · 50mm · ISO100

Ali Marley

Website: www.alimarley.com, Instagram and Facebook: alimarleyphoto

‘I took this photo on Lunga with my OM System Olympus OM-1 camera while lying in the grass observing the puffins coming in and out of their burrows. To avoid disturbing them, I maintained a safe distance and used my M. Zuiko 300mm + MC-14. The puffin in this picture caught my eye as it emerged from its burrow. With half of its face in the sunlight and the other half in shadow, looking directly at me is the reason I fell in love with this shot.’

portrait of a puffin for world photography day

Photo: Ali Marley

Andy Holloway

Website: www.andyhollowayphoto.co.uk, Instagram: @andyhollowayphoto

‘I’m an amateur photographer based in Hertfordshire specialising in portrait and documentary photography. I love story telling, even with my portraits. I have self published a book on UK Teddy Boys (The Ted Project) and currently have work featured in the current RPS Summer Exhibition.

“Holidays at Home” was taken at Orford Ness back in June. It was my first visit to the site and I was taken by how desolate the site was and, how the few tourists around appeared at odds with the cold war aesthetic. The gentleman in the picture was sitting alone with his thermos and it seemed to suggest a story with a sense of loneliness and desolation completely at odds with his jaunty holiday outfit.’

looking through a short tunnel at a man sat on a bench on sunny day

Photo: Andy Holloway

NIKON D750 · f/10 · 1/320s · 24mm · ISO100

Gerry O’Donnell

Facebook: Gerry O Donnell, Twitter and Instagram: @gerryodonnell0

‘I often go down to a small but busy seaside town of Mullaghmore in the Northwest of Ireland. It has seen some dolphin activity but in the last few months there have been many sightings of humpback whales, so I go down and scan the whole area with my Canon EOS 7D Mark II and a 100-400mm lens, with a 1.4 x extender attached.

It wasn’t a great day, with low cloud, but suddenly this boat came into view in my viewfinder, and I thought wow, took a few photos and then quickly changed to black and white and took one in landscape mode and 1 in portrait mode.

To me, my photo ‘Into the Mystic’ is just so peaceful, just 2 guys out on the water, blissfully unaware of a whole mad world whirling around them. There’s a lesson to be learned from this.’

minimal photo of sky and sea with two men on a small boat

Photo: Gerry O’Donnell

Canon EOS 7D Mark II · f/8 · 1/1000s · 200mm · ISO800

Wendy Sadler

Facebook: wysimages, Instagram – @wys_images

‘I was driving from Orkney to Suffolk and needed a break so stopped off for the first time at Bempton Cliffs in Yorkshire. I saw a pair low down on a cliff edge and took a photo which I processed when home….one of hundreds of images taken that day though! I love the photo as they are one of my favourite birds and it shows what special moments they have together despite the hardships of surviving.’

two gannets caressing heads portrait

Photo: Wendy Sadler

NIKON Z 5 · f/6.3 · 1/8000s · 600mm · ISO1600

Pete Scott

Instagram: @naturehawk Twitter: @NaturehawkPhoto

‘I live in Poole and have been spending time with a couple of different families of foxes at different locations now for a few years. This year I saw a beautiful array of Bluebells in one of the locations. I knew I would try to spend as much time there during the bloom window as possible to try to capture what would be a dream image for me. I was hoping to photograph one of the foxes walking towards me through the flowers but even better, this male came towards me and promptly sat down amongst them allowing me to capture this beautiful scene.’

fox waiting amongst the bluebells

Photo: Pete Scott

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