Nothing founder, Carl Pei, in a video with Mrwhosetheboss, agreed with Aron (Mrwhosetheboss) when he said “90% of camera technology is to do with software” in a video about the Nothing Phone 2, which was announced yesterday. The new phone updates the Nothing Phone 1, which is one of the best budget phones available.

Carl Pei also appeared to dismiss the idea of partnering up with a legacy camera brands like Hasselblad and Zeiss. He said, ‘they don’t really have any know-how to help you improve a tiny smartphone camera’

In the video they discuss the positioning of the Nothing Phone 1, released last year, as an entry-level phone, and how the Nothing Phone 2 has moved more towards the premium smartphone market. The discussion about cameras starts after 7 minutes in the video.

After discussing why the Nothing Phone 2 doesn’t use a 1-inch sensor, the discussion moved on to software: ‘Camera hardware matters less and less, the improvements are like 90% software’

Asked if he would partner with Hasselblad, for example? ‘Unless they have a really strong AI team’

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