The Lego Polaroid OneStep SX-70 toy film camera is now available to buy. The camera has 516 pieces in total and though it can’t actually take pictures, it does work like the real thing.

All you need to do is load one of three illustrated ‘Polaroid photos’ from the brick-built Polaroid Time-Zero Supercolour SX-70 Land Film pack into the camera. When you press the red shutter button, the camera will eject the photo. The Lego Polaroid camera can now be bought for $79.99 / £69.99 from the Lego store.

Lego Polaroid camera

Credit: Lego.

This is not the first Lego camera set to be inspired by analogue photography. At the beginning of the year, a Lego set that allowed you to build a 35mm film SLR went on sale. In 2023, Lego released a set for building a classic retro movie camera to mark Disney Studio’s 100th anniversary. The camera has a miniature Walt Disney Lego figurine inside, hard at work.r

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