Lego has announced some of its new Creator 3-in-1 sets for 2024 and among them is a Lego retro 35mm film camera. The toy set has a total of 261 parts including pieces to make two film rolls as as well as working film rewind handle and a flash hot shoe.

The set, which is designed for those aged eight and above, can alternatively be used to build a toy video camera, complete with a viewing screen. It will be available to buy from 1 January 2024 for $19.99 / £17.99 from the Lego store website.

This is not the first Lego camera set to be inspired by analogue photography. Earlier this year, Lego released a set for building a classic retro movie camera to mark Disney Studio’s 100th anniversary. The camera has a miniature Walt Disney Lego figurine inside, hard at work.

Though you can’t take photos with this Lego toy camera, as it includes slide-like images of safari animals and pets which be attached to the canisters, there is a rare vintage digital Lego camera that does take photos that sometimes pops-up on well-known auction sites.

The rare, but incredibly fun Lego camera. Photo: (C) Joshua Waller

The rare, but incredibly fun Lego camera. Photo: (C) Joshua Waller.

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