Pre-ordering for all four new iPhone 15 phones began on 15 September and some phones are reportedly already sold out, with iPhone 15 Pro deliveries being delayed to November in the US as well as users experiencing issues when ordering the new phones. Apple dropped its four iPhone 15 phones earlier this week and this comes as no surprise, given that iPhones are among the best camera phones for photography and video available today and the new iPhone 15 phones came with several significant updates.

In the UK, there is a seven to eight week delay for some versions of the iPhone 15 phones, with expected shipping dates showing October and November for some models/colours as opposed to the 22 September initial shipping date. Canada is showing six to seven week delays and India shows delays of up to eight weeks for a more limited set of models. China is also seeing shipment delays to November for all iPhone 15 Pro Max models. These delays could continue as more buyers place pre-orders.

In terms of what these new iPhone 15 phones have to offer for photographers and videographers here’s a run-down:

iPhone 15:

  • 6.1inch screen
  • 48MP f/1.6 main camera
  • 12MP f/2.4 0.5x ultra-wide camera
  • 12MP selfie camera
  • “Optical quality” 2x telephoto (from the main camera)
  • From $799 / £799

iPhone 15 Plus:

  • 6.7inch screen
  • Same cameras as 15
  • Larger screen, and battery
  • From $899 / £899

iPhone 15 Pro:

  • 6.1inch screen
  • 48MP f/1.78 main camera
  • 12MP f/2.2 0.5x ultra-wide camera
  • Plus a 3rd camera: 3x telephoto, 12MP, f/2.8
  • 12MP selfie camera
  • From $999 / £999

iPhone 15 Pro Max:

  • 6.7inch screen
  • Same cameras as 15 Pro, but 5x telephoto lens, 12MP, f/2.8, 120mm equivalent
  • Larger battery
  • From $1199 / £1199

Via Bloomberg.

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