APOY 2011 Results Round Eight – Shooting Skies

The results are in for the eighth round of APOY.

Richard Craze, of Mid Glamorgan, is the winner of our Shooting skies round of APOY 2011. Richard will receive Canon?s 18-million-pixel EOS 600D with an EF-S 15-85mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM lens worth a total of £1,578.99.The EOS 600D offers full HD (1080p) video recording, up to 3.7fps continuous shooting and a 3in, 1.04-million-dot vari-angle LCD screen.

An ISO range of 100-6400, expandable to 12,800, enables high-quality handheld shooting in low-light conditions. The EF-S 15-85mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM lens, which is equivalent to a 24-136mm focal length lens (5.6x standard zoom), offers a 4-stop Image Stabilizer as well as a close focusing distance of just 0.35m throughout the zoom range.

Our second-placed winner is Sean Slevin, of Ireland, who wins a Canon PowerShot SX220 HS worth £269. With a 28mm, 14x optical zoom (392mm equivalent) and full HD (1080p) movie mode, the 12.1-million-pixel PowerShot SX220 HS has a 7.5cm (3in) LCD screen.

Matteo Colombo of Italy finished third in the round and wins Canon?s PowerShot A3300 IS worth £149. The 16-million-pixel PowerShot A3300 IS has a 28mm wideangle 5x zoom lens, a 7.5cm (3in) LCD and Optical Image Stabilizer. High-quality movies can be recorded in 720p HD format.

1st Richard Craze, Mid Glamorgan 41pts

Canon EOS 500D, 15-85mm, 1/500sec at f/5, ISO 100

Sky reflected in windows

Judges say: ?Richard?s image, taken just as the sun was setting, blew the judges away. It is one of those images you can look at again and again, and see something new each time. The subtle pastel colours, overlapping squares and cloud detail combine to create a unique, imaginative image. Very well seen and photographed.?

2nd Sean Slevin, Ireland 40pts

Canon EOS 50D, 60mm, 1/2000sec at f/8, ISO 400

?Calm before the storm?

Judges say: ?There is a real atmosphere to Sean?s image that impressed the judges. We love the ink-black sky, undulating sea and carefully placed boat. An excellent composition and technically well-executed image.?

3rd Matteo Colombo, Italy 39pts

Canon EOS 5D Mark II, 17-40mm, 30secs at f/4, ISO 1250, tripod, remote release

?Tuscany under a starry sky?

Judges say: ?We received many images of starry skies, but Matteo?s was by far the strongest in terms of composition and technical skill. Well done!?

Top 50 entries for this round

  • 1 Richard Craze 41pts
  • 2 Sean Slevin 40pts
  • 3 Matteo Colombo 39pts
  • 4 Jakub Polomski 38pts
  • 5 John Steven Ball 37pts
  • 5 Stephen Gilbert 37pts
  • 7 Samantha Crimmin 36pts
  • 7 Partha Pal 36pts
  • 7 Stephen Raff 36pts
  • 10 Chris Bestwick 35pts
  • 10 Mirela Bogdan 35pts
  • 10 Paul Dooley 35pts
  • 10 Chris Pattison 35pts
  • 10 Eugene Pozniak 35pts
  • 10 Balázs Szabó 35pts
  • 10 Paul Willows 35pts
  • 17 Kevin Astin 34pts
  • 17 Jarrod Castaing 34pts
  • 17 Steve Clee 34pts
  • 17 Ron Harris 34pts
  • 17 Ian Pettigrew 34pts
  • 17 Douglas Ritchie 34pts
  • 17 Sean Rogers 34pts
  • 17 Sergey Rumyantsev 34pts
  • 17 Nadezda Stepanova 34pts
    • 17 Philip Teale 34pts
    • 17 Peter Ward 34pts
    • 17 Paul Whiting 34pts
    • 29 Christopher Benbow 33pts
    • 30 Audrey Poletilo 32pts
    • 31 Richard Bland 31pts
    • 31 Simona Bonanno 31pts
    • 31 Rowan Edmonds 31pts
    • 31 Chris Jack 31pts
    • 31 Lee Jeffries 31pts
    • 31 Charlie Jobson 31pts
    • 31 Stephen Kane 31pts
    • 31 Steve Langton 31pts
    • 31 Neil MacGregor 31pts
    • 31 Neil Mansfield 31pts
    • 31 Stephanie Miller 31pts
    • 31 Gary Telford 31pts
    • 31 Kevin Temple 31pts
    • 31 Steven Webb 31pts
    • 45 David Millier 30pts
    • 46 Horia Bogdan 29pts
    • 46 Mykola Hruts 29pts
    • 48 Ehsan Maazallahi 27pts
    • 49 János Fürst 26pts
    • 50 Didenko Nikita 25pts

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