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Whether you’re moving up from a camera phone, switching to mirrorless from a DSLR or looking to upgrade from an existing model, there has never been a better time to go mirrorless with Canon. We take a close look at its EOS R system, and what could your next camera

Mirrorless cameras have changed the face of photography forever and while Canon continues to market its renowned range of EOS DSLR cameras and lenses, the company’s energies have been directed onto its EOS R system.

It’s been a fruitful period as in the last 18month, Canon has introduced no fewer than six new cameras and 15 lenses into its already formidable mirrorless range, and there’s more to come. So whether you are new to the system or looking to upgrade, there’s a wide range array of kit to suit various budgets.

Canon EOS R cameras: under £1000

First-time EOS R system buyers have three entry-level models to choose from. While their compact stature and point-and-shoot simplicity are major attractions, these three sub £1000 APS-C formats cameras are highly talented and capable of producing high quality stills and video footage with the minimum of fuss.

Furthermore, with their abundant advanced features these cameras can happily cater for experienced users too, especially now that there four dedicated RF-S lenses.

Canon advertorial 4, introduction

Its easy-going nature makes the EOS R100 the perfect beginner’s camera while there’s the feature set to suit the more demanding user too. Image credit: Canon

The 24.1 megapixel EOS R100 is available with the RF-S 18-45mm F4.5-6.3 IS STM standard zoom for just £499.99, which makes this camera/lens combination a compelling proposition for the creator looking for more potential and a superior picture-taking experience than their camera phone.

Key features include 6.5fps burst shooting, Dual Pixel CMOS autofocusing with face tracking and eye detection and an advanced exposure system to deliver perfect results time after time. It is the perfect camera for recording stills and video family events and holidays, plus it is so compact that it can be carried around all day long ready to capture all those magical moments.

Take the next step up the price ladder and there’s the potential offered by the EOS R50, a 24.2-megapixel camera available in black or white priced at £789.99 body only or £899.99 with the RF-S 18-45mm F4.5-6.3 IS STM kit zoom.

Canon advertorial 4, Canon EOS R50

The EOS R50’s compact stature makes it ideal as a walk around camera and it’s equipped with the skills to cope with almost anything thrown at it. Image credit: Canon

The EOS R50 also has options when it comes with shooting video footage including an articulating monitor that can face forwards, Movie Digital Image Stabilisation for smoother handheld movie shooting and longer shooting time.

While the EOS R50 is designed to be simple to use, there is headroom for its users to grow into as their skills develop including 14 scene modes, focus bracketing and continuous shooting at an incredible 12fps and 15fps with the electronic shutter. Such features for a camera of this price level makes the EOS R50 remarkable value.

Canon advertorial 4, Canon EOS R10

The EOS R10 is a likeable, responsive mirrorless model that consistently turns in high quality stills and video footage. Image credit: Will Cheung

Mid-priced at £999 body only, the superbly specified EOS R10 is a strong contender as a leading value hybrid camera. It was one of the first two EOS R mount APS-C format mirrorless cameras launched by Canon (the other was the EOS R7) with an array of features aimed at new and experienced content creators.

Slightly heavier and bigger than the two EOS Rs featured in this sub-£1000 category, the EOS R10’s feature set will suit those keen to take their next steps into content creation with marketing leading photo and video skills. It can shoot at 15fps with the mechanical shutter and 23fps with the electronic shutter, both with focus tracking and for even more shooting speed a Raw Burst mode works at 30fps with a 75% crop.

For video, there’s the option of 4K/30p or 4K/60p for even smoother results and for stills and movie the deep-learning Dual Pixel CMOS AF II system ensures tack sharp results time after time.

There’s also AI subject-detect too which is cascaded down from Canon’s flagship EOS R3 and gives the EOS R10 the skills to deal with most situations.

In AP’s review, which you can read here, tech editor Andy Westlake said: “This (the AF system) works impressively well, picking up subjects even when they’re very small, and progressively homing in onto the most important point. For wildlife shooters, the animal detection recognises birds and mammals without having to change settings, which makes it much less frustrating than rival systems.”

All round, the EOS R10 offers a class-leading performance in nicely-priced camera that’s generally fun to use and you get a lot of really useful features for its sub-£1K body price.

Canon EOS R cameras: £1000-£3000

This price segment of the camera market is highly competitive and Canon is strongly represented with three class-leading cameras. It’s in this area that you’ll get the emergence of full-frame models mixing it with top of the range APS-C format models.

Canon advertorial 4, Canon EOS R7

Sitting pretty at the top of Canon’s APS-C family, the EOS R7 has 32 .5 megapixels and a host of features to please the most demanding enthusiast. Image credit: Canon

The Canon EOS R7 is the brand’s top of the range APS-C format camera and is blessed with an array of awesome features guaranteed to appeal to the most creative and demanding photographer.

Let’s start with resolution and here the EOS R7 boasts 32.5 megapixels so there’s plenty of capacity for big enlargements as well as the headroom to crop into images to make the most of a small image size in the frame. This ability plus the x1.6x crop factor of the APS-C format has made the EOS R7 a sought-after machine amongst action and nature photographers where long telephoto lenses are essential.

Factor in a capable high ISO performance, in-body image stabilisation and the ability to shoot at 30fps with its electronic shutter, and the EOS R7 has a wide appeal and it is competitively priced too, selling at £1449.99 body only.

Canon advertorial 4, wide aperture lenses

Shoot full-frame at wide lens apertures helps achieve narrow depth-of-field images with attractively smooth backgrounds. Image credit: Will Cheung

At this price level, there’s the opportunity to invest in a full-frame mirrorless camera, the format of choice among expert and pro image creators. Full-frame does have a quality benefit for those working to a high level but there’s also the ‘look’ that the format gives.

Shoot with your lens at a wide aperture means you can create pictures with a shallow depth-of-field, a technique that works with birds, people portraits and even insects.

Vying for your attention in the price sector is the very able Canon EOS R8 selling at £1699.99 and the EOS R6 Mark II which, at £2779.99 body only. Both models ideally suit hybrid content creators and share many similar features including the 24.2 megapixel sensor, up to 40fps burst mode shooting with the electronic shutter and the same AF features.

Canon advertorial 4, Canon EOS R8

The EOS R8 (above) is the more compact camera, has only one SD card slot, uses a lower capacity battery and lacks in-body image stabilisation (IBIS) so while it’s not as well-endowed as the EOS R6 Mark II, it is significantly more affordable and its feature set is impressive for the money.

If you have the extra budget, opting for the EOS R6 Mark II is worth a thought and having IBIS is a seriously handy benefit when shooting in low light or using long lenses and it offers Raw 6K/60p external video recording if advanced movie shooting is your ambition.

Canon advertorial 4, Canon EOS R6 Mark II

There’s simply so much to admire and enjoy in the EOS R6 Mark II, from design and control layout to outstanding stills and video output. Image credit: Canon

Indeed, the EOS R6 Mark II is widely regarded as being one of the most capable full-frame cameras around, regardless of price. When tested for AP, it was awarded five stars and the accolade of Testbench Gold.

In tech editor Andy Westlake’s summing up, he said: “After a couple of weeks shooting with the Canon EOS R6 Mark II, my overriding impression is of a camera that’ll do pretty much anything you ask of it. It takes the already excellent EOS R6 and makes it even better, with faster shooting and impressive subject detection AF.”

Read Andy’s full camera test here. Whichever of the three Canon models in this price bracket you go for, you’re not going to be disappointed with performance, reliability or handling.

Canon EOS R cameras: £3000-£6000

For those on a bigger budget, there are two state of the art full-frame cameras on offer, the EOS R5 selling at £3999.99 body only and Canon’s flagship, the EOS R3 which retails at £5999.99.

For those needing supreme image quality and high speed performance in a compact body form, the EOS R5 is the camera of choice. It has proved itself incredibly popular among discerning still and video shooters and its 45 megapixel sensor is capable of poster-size enlargements and 8K Raw.

Canon advertorial 4, Canon EOS R5

As the above image shows, the EOS R5 set new standards with its AF tracking performance and its eye-tracking and subject-detect skills are second to none. This ability coupled with the camera being able to whizz along producing full-size raws at 20fps with the electronic shutter opens up hitherto almost impossible opportunities.

The EOS R3’s super-fast shooting performance is ideal for action. Here, it was partnered with the new RF 200-800mm F6.3-9 IS USM. Image credit: Canon

Aimed at pro action and sports photographers and everything about the EOS R3 is focused on speed without sacrificing reliability or performance. Its stacked, backside-lit 24.1 megapixel CMOS sensor can deliver a shooting rate of 30fps without any viewfinder blackout and its top native ISO peaks at 102,400 so even the most unpromising lighting can be handled.

Add an incredible AF system which features subject tracking and unique Canon’s Eye Control AF, which lets you choose which subject to focus track just by looking at it the EVF, and the EOS R3 is one of the very best cameras money can buy.

Discover the joys of home printing

Canon is the only camera brand that can take you on a journey from capture through to output. Its extensive range of photo quality printers starts with dye-sub mini printers to home-friendly units that can output exhibition quality 13x19in (A3+) fine art prints.

Canon advertorial 4, home printing

Canon is the only camera brand that can take you on a journey from capture through to output. Its extensive range of photo quality printers starts with dye-sub mini printers to home-friendly units that can output exhibition quality 13x19in (A3+) fine art prints.

For making small prints on the go, there’s the Canon Selphy CP1500 from £134.99, a portable wireless dye-sub unit designed for simplicity of use, fun and producing prints with lifelong stability .

For home-based printing, Canon has its PIXMA Photo range. The PIXMA TS8350a is a multi-purpose unit that can scan, copy and produce A4 colour prints wirelessly or via a built-in SD card slot with a six colour individual tank inkset.

Canon advertorial 4, iP8750 printer

A great looking machine that won’t look out of place at home, the iP8750 uses a six ink colour inkset and can output long lasting prints up to 13x19in. Image credit: Canon

If the idea of making A3+ size prints appeals, the iP8750 is a great value option. It costs £239.99 and can output up to A3+ size pro-standard full colour and black & white enlargements using with its ChromaLife 100+ inks that gives outstanding print life.

The six colour inks can be replaced individually and there’s the option of XL inks for greater printing capacity at lower running costs. The hybrid ink system means the iP8750 also suits document printing.

For sharing memories with family and friends or for making first class photo prints at home to decorate the living room or for your portfolio, Canon has the solution.

If you’re thinking of upgrading your camera kit, then check out Canon’s latest offers here.

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