Samsung is one of the leaders when it comes to photographically powerful smartphones. The company is now making AI features from the Galaxy S24 series available for a wider range of its phones and associated devices, via the One UI 6.1 update.

The update is available for the following devices, and owners should be notified automatically rather than having to find the update themselves:

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, Photo: Amy Davies
Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra with S-Pen Stylus. Photo: Amy Davies

Samsung’s AI tools in more detail

Generative Photo Editing is the most immediately useful to photographers, as it analyses an image and ‘regenerates’ it as you resize, remove or reposition objects. Users can also expand images, with AI filling in the background, and Generative Photo Editing even completes objects in the picture which you’ve accidentally cut off.

In addition, Edit Suggestion steps-in with ideas for enhancing images, while Instant Slow-mo can generate additional frames for slow-motion videos.

Samsung AI update, photo editig
Once selected, you can delete, move, or resize objects by long-pressing on them.

Interpreter translates in-person conversations in real-time and can be used in a variety of situations for both business and personal purposes, while the rather more self-explanatory Live Translate translates phone calls in real-time directly on your device.

This sounds handy if you are taking photos while on holiday this summer, and need to ask for directions or assistance.

Another feature that sounds useful when travelling is Circle to Search. This Google-powered tool enables you to search for information about what you see on your screen – including images, videos or text – by using a simple gesture with your finger or the S Pen.

Samsung cited the example of a visitor to Paris wanting to learn more about the Arc de Triomphe, for example.

Samsung AI update, circle to search
Whether you want to learn more about a dog breed or the Isle of Dogs, Circle to Search links you to Google results

Finally, the Note Assist feature simplifies tasks for users of Samsung Notes, and includes such features as auto formatting, summarisation, and translation.

‘Our global mission is to make AI more accessible, and that’s why we’re proud to be announcing that Galaxy AI features will be made available across a range of Samsung mobile devices throughout 2024,’ said Samsung’s James Kitto. ‘For us here in the UK that’s over 1.8 million customers who will receive a Galaxy AI update on their current Galaxy device.’

See here for more information about the AI updates.

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