Viltrox has released the Viltrox AF 16mm F1.8, which is already available for Sony E-mount, for Nikon Z-mount full frame mirrorless cameras. The lens is described as being ideal for landscape and astrophotography. Notably it has a built-in colour display and is priced at just $549/£447.

The Viltrox AF 16mm F1.8 Z has 15 elements in 12 groups with three built-in aspherical lenses that are said to accurately reproduce point light sources and effectively suppress coma. It is one of recently released Viltrox lenses that are priced at affordable prices including the Viltrox AF 40mm F2.5 Z and the Viltrox AF 56mm F1.7 portrait lens, both of which are under $200.

The Viltrox AF 16mm F1.8 Z is available to buy from the Viltrox website and other retailers.

Photo: Viltrox.

From Viltrox:

AF 16mm F1.8 Z has the unique advantages of Landscape/Astrophotography, full-frame high-definition and high-quality images. 3 aspherical lenses to accurately reproduce point light sources, and effectively suppress coma.

Excellent Image Quality Experience

Ultra-high Resolution And Strong Analytical Power

AF 16mm F1.8 Z uses an optical lens structure of 15 elements in 12 groups, with three built-in aspherical lenses, creating a high-definition image experience.

F1.8 Super Large Aperture

High Resolution, Soft and Natural Bokeh

Under the ultra-wide viewing angle, the large aperture of F1.8 can also achieve an extremely shallow depth of field, bringing admirable and beautiful bokeh, creating an artistic perspective and a sense of spatial compression. Smooth transition between sharp in-focus and soft out-of-focus.

Powerful Autofocus Performance

The quiet STM stepping motor provides the high driving force required for precise autofocus and tracking, and supports the focus recognition of the face and eyes.

Vlog/Video Shooting

Lightweight Design, Excellent Video Shooting Performance

The breathing effect is negligible, and the focus is switched smoothly, meeting the shooting needs of photographers and video creators.

CLICK Aperture Ring ON/OFF Switch

There is no need to put down the camera and readjust it when shooting. Manually control the aperture, and the stepless aperture smoothly changes the depth of field, making video shooting more convenient.

Comprehensive and Efficient Control System

The 16mm F1.8 lens is creatively added five major control designs, bringing a new and efficient shooting experience.

Stunning Optical Performance

The 16mm F1.8 lens features the advantage of creating Landscape/Astrophotography, as it can accurately reproduce point light sources and effectively suppress chromatic aberration.

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