Jollylook, a team of instant photography and DIY kits enthusiasts from Ukraine, have announced their Kickstarter campaign for the Jollylook EYE. This is a digital to film printer with a vintage-inspired design that allows you to manually print a photo from your smartphone on Fujifilm’s Instax Mini film. 

Described  by Jollylook as just slightly bigger than an iPhone Plus box, the EYE is compact and is made from natural biodegradable wood fiber material. It is also fully mechanical, meaning that it can be operated manually and does not need a battery or charger. All you need to do is find the photo on your smartphone, place the EYE on top of it, press the shutter release, then spin the crank to develop the photo. Development is said to take around half a minute.

Jollylook EYE, double exposures

As the printer is fully mechanical, you can also get double exposures. Credit: Jollylook.

The 7-day Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign started on 28 November and reached its funding goal in less than two days, with three days left to go. The printers can currently be bought for $54 on Jollylook’s Kickstarter page. The first Jollylook EYE printers are to be delivered in February/March 2024.

Jollylook describes the Jollylook EYE as ‘a modern, vintage-styled, fold-out instant photo printer that bridges the gap between the digital and analog worlds, printing your cherished moments from your smartphone instantly and mechanically.’

Jollylook Eye specifications:

  • Dimensions Folded: 160x115x110 mm (6.3×4.5×4.3”)
  • Dimensions Unfolded (Working) Position: 160x115x165 mm (6.3×4.5×6.5”)
  • Material: Biodegradable Natural Wood Fiber
  • Paint: Natural Oils and Waxes are Renewable Raw Materials of Plant Origin
  • Film Development: Manual Mechanism
  • Film: Compatible with Fujifilm Instax Mini Film
  • Photo Size: Credit Card Size Photo – 62 x 46 mm (2.44×1.81”)
  • Film development: Manually cranked mechanism
  • Power Supply: not needed, fully mechanical
  • Weight: 450 g (1 lb)

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