The Canon MS-500 has been announced. This sensitive non-infrared video camera is designed for security monitoring, but with its high-resolution 1-inch ‘SPAD’ sensor of 3.2 megapixels, it brings useful long-range and night-time video capabilities.

The Canon MS-50 also features an interchangeable lens mount that allows for clear colour shooting at night as well as even when subjects are further away when paired with Canon’s ultra-telephoto broadcast lenses.

What is a ‘SPAD’ (Single-photon avalanche diode) sensor? In short, it uses photo counting, which tracks light particles entering a pixel. The sensor then magnifies them one million times and converts them to a digital signal. Because this way every single photon is counted, this allows the sensor to eliminate the introduction of additional noise. This is something Canon highlighted as an advantage of ‘SPAD sensors’. The MS-500 also reduces the noise caused by atmospheric disturbances over long distances by applying special picture profiles.

Set to be released in September 2023, the Canon MS-500 will be available for $25,000 body only. It joins the brand’s ultra-high sensitivity camera lineup that includes the Canon ME20 and the ML Series.

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