Benro has launched its latest camera supports in the shape of its versatile and flexible TablePod Flex and KoalaPod Mini-Tripod systems.

First up, there’s the Benro TablePod Flex tripod, which combines rigid carbon fibre legs with flexible legs to offer a modular system that allows you to set-up and use the tripod in a variety of configurations.

You can mix the flex legs with the carbon fibre legs to create unique configurations that can be used like a traditional tripod or, alternatively, can be wrapped around an object for use in almost any location.

When not in use the flexible legs are stored inside the rigid carbon legs.

With three individual adjustable leg settings, the TablePod Flex can shoot in tight spots – simply press the side button on the leg to adjust it and then shoot when you’re happy with the height.

The Benro TablePod Flex kit with legs, feet, a phone holder, a case and a locking ring

The Benro TablePod Flex kit with legs, feet, a phone holder, a case and a locking ring

TablePod Flex kit

The TablePod Flex kit includes an Arca-compatible ball-head that features 360° pan rotation with a built-in pan scale.

It also has an Arca-compatible quick release plate for easy camera attachment and two built-in 90° notches so the head can be quickly switched between landscape and portrait orientations.

The head features two ¼-inch mounts that allow you to attach additional accessories or connect the flex legs to use as accessory arms.

Included with the kit are three flex legs, a set of three feet, a phone holder with cold-shoe mount that fits most smartphones, a case with carabiner for attaching to your backpack or camera bag, plus an auxiliary locking ring that helps the flexible legs lock securely.

Folding down to just 30.5cm, the kit weighs 0.43kg and will support up to 3kgs. The TablePod Flex Kit is available now with an SRP (incl. VAT) of £140.

You can watch a short film about the Benro TablePod Flex below…

Benro KoalaPod

The Benro KoalaPod Mini-Tripod is designed for use with mobile devices and small compact cameras.

It features a built-in ball-head with a ¼-inch mounting thread and can easily switch between landscape and portrait format.

When wrapping the legs around an object you can use the included auxiliary lock ring to hold it in place, in addition a quick lock clamp is also included which clips the legs together, so they don’t drift apart.

Three built-in accessory mounts allow you to add additional legs to mount microphones, LED lights and more.

The versatile Benro KoalaPod KP1K kit in use with a camera and lights

The versatile Benro KoalaPod KP1K kit in use with a camera and lights

The KoalaPod is available in two versions – the standalone KP1 KoalaPod includes the tripod, quick-lock clamp, auxiliary locking ring and drawstring bag, whilst the KP1K KoalaPod Kit includes a folding smartphone holder and two additional legs to hold accessories. Further accessory legs can be purchased if required.

Benro’s KoalaPod is 26.6cm long when folded, weighs 0.22kg and will support a payload of up to 1.5kg.

The KoalaPod range is available now with SRPs (inc. VAT) of £35 for the KP1, £45 for the KP1 Kit, and £9 each for the KP1LEG1 and/or KP1LEG2.

You can watch a short film about the Benro KoalaPod below…

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Benro offers a range of tripods, heads and filters to fulfil the needs of the amateur and professional photographer and videographer. To find out more go to the Benro UK website.

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