Benro has started a Kickstarter campaign for its Aureole product – a multi-function filter holder and mount adapter system that allows photographers to adapt lenses and support filters via a built-in, quick loading system.

The news of the Kickstarter campaign comes nearly three months after Benro unveiled the Aureole lens adapter and dual-filter holder.

On the pre-launch Kickstarter page Benro is describing the Benro Aureole as a ‘Modular 3-in-1 Drop-in Filter Adapter System.’ 

It is offering ‘Early Bird’ prices starting from $185, compared to the first reports of a US price for the Aureole of $249.

The Benro Aureole was originally set to be available in two different versions – the RC1, which configures Canon EF lenses to RF mount cameras, and the RE1, which configures Canon EF lenses to Sony E-Mount camera bodies in a ‘cross-brand’ set-up. However, these options were updated on 4 April 2022…

Benro Aureole – UPDATE, 4 April 2022

On 4 April 2022 Benro announced ‘based on everyone’s suggestions’, the following models of filter mount adapters:

  • 1. Camera RF Mount to Lens EF Mount
  • 2. Camera E/FE Mount to Lens EF Mount
  • 3. Camera M4/3 Mount to Lens EF Mount
  • 4. Camera Z Mount to Lens F Mount
  • 5. Camera Z Mount to Lens EF Mount
  • 6. Camera L Mount to Lens EF Mount
  • 7. Camera X Mount to Lens EF Mount
  • 8. Camera GFX Mount to Lens EF Mount

On 4 April 2022 Benro also announced, ‘BENRO Aureole series will launch more adapter ranges to meet the transition needs of different mount cameras.’

We’ll keep you posted as to any further mounts options added by Benro as and when they happen.

As well as being a lens mount adapter Benro says the Aureole will give photographers the ability to also use filters without needing to attach anything to the front of the lens.

Benro Aureole in hand

The Benro Aureole filter holder/lens mount adapter shown held in hand

Benro has also said that it has created a smarter filter system.

Rear-mounted filters have the benefit of being smaller and allow them to work with any lens, but removing them can be time-consuming and fiddly.

Front-mounted filters are more common and more widely used, but tend to be much larger and multiple sizes or ring adapters are necessary to work with lenses of different sizes.

The concept for the Aureole combines the two concepts into what Benro calls ‘the best of both worlds.’

However, it’s not a completely new idea as Canon produces an EF-EOS R mount adapter that also includes the ability to mount a variable ND filter within it.

The Benro Aureole is a 'Modular 3-in-1 Drop-in Filter Adapter System'

The Benro Aureole is a ‘Modular 3-in-1 Drop-in Filter Adapter System’

Benro says the design of the Aureole reduces the cost of adapters and filters at the same time.

The company also calls it a ‘double filter’ system as it can accept both square and circular format filters simultaneously.

The adapter will allow one filter to be inserted from the top and another from the side, and Benro has said this will make it more versatile for shooting in either portrait or landscape camera orientations.

There’s also the additional potential benefit of helping to keep your camera’s sensor clear of dust when leaving one filter in place while swapping in the other.

Kickstarter campaign

To find out more about the Benro Aureole Kickstarter campaign just go to Benro Aureole: Kickstarter.

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