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  1. Martin Evening: Remembering a fine author and AP contributor

    We’re very sad to report the death of a highly respected contributor to AP, Martin Evening.

  2. How to turn your black and white photos into colour photos

    Adobe’s AI tools are powerful but can also be bewildering. Martin Evening shows why they are particularly handy for colourising photos.

  3. How to convert images to black and white in Lightroom

    Image-editing expert Martin Evening shares his effective and efficient way of converting colour images to mono in Lightroom

  4. How to achieve optimum exposure in your photos

    Martin Evening presents the various factors that affect digital camera exposure and how to improve your shooting technique to achieve optimum exposure

  5. How to use Graduated Filter adjustments in Camera Raw

    In this photo-editing masterclass, Martin Evening shows you how to add contrast, clarity and Graduated Filter adjustments in Camera Raw.

  6. How to make optical corrections

    Photo-editing expert Martin Evening explains how to make corrections to perspective using Lightroom and Camera Raw.

  7. How to replace skies in Photoshop

    Replacing skies in Photoshop used to be laborious, but as Adobe expert Martin Evening reveals, it can now be done in just a few mouse clicks

  8. Photo editing masterclass: how to enhance colours

    Photoshop expert Martin Evening explains how to give your images a colour boost

  9. How to use Photoshop’s new background blur tool

    How effective is the new instant background-blur tool in Photoshop? Adobe expert Martin Evening checks out the Neural Filter update

  10. Is an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription worth it?

    What exactly do you get for your monthly Adobe Creative Cloud subscription? Martin Evening investigates

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