We’re very sad to report the death of a highly respected photographer, author and Amateur Photographer contributor Martin Evening.

Martin, a world-renowned expert on Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, and author of one of the world’s best-selling series of books on Photoshop, contributed to AP right up until our 11th October issue, until doctors advised he should no longer work.

AP editor Nigel Atherton led the tributes. ‘I first met Martin in 1996, in the very early days of digital photography, when he was a founder member of the Association of Photographers’ Digital Image Group. I commissioned him to write a six-part series introducing readers to the world of pixels – AP’s first ever guide to digital photography.

‘As Editor of What Digital Camera he wrote a monthly column, ‘Evening Class’ for me for over 10 years, until I moved back to AP and brought the column with me. So Martin’s contributions have been a constant over pretty much my entire publishing career, and I don’t recall a single column ever being late or not up to scratch.

‘He was a consummate professional – incredibly conscientious, very knowledgeable about digital photography and Photoshop and very good at explaining the most complex topics in a way that novices could understand. That’s why millions of photographers around the world learned to use Photoshop and Lightroom from his best-selling books. He became so well known for his books that it was easy to forget that he was also a very capable photographer. Martin was always quietly spoken, endlessly patient, and lovely to deal with.  He was  a great talent, who will be sorely missed.’

Deputy Editor Geoff Harris, who commissioned Martin for much of the last year, added: ‘I owe Martin a lot – as well as being a great asset to AP, his books taught me how to use Lightroom before I joined the magazine. His ability to explain photo-editing programs from the standpoint of a photographer was unrivalled.’

Martin Evening - Martin’s last Evening Class – he will be sorely missed

Martin Evening – Martin’s last Evening Class – he will be sorely missed

You can find Martin Evening’s photo editing articles on Amateur Photographer, and there are even more listed here.

There will also be a tribute to Martin Evening in Amateur Photographer’s 24th January 2023 issue.

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