Skylum has released an update to its Luminar AI image-editing package. New features includes Portrait Bokeh AI, which enables users to emulate selective background blur in order to make the subject stand out – Skylum claims it reproduces the “rich, hazy bokeh of a high-end lens at a wide-open aperture.”

An increasing number of software firms, including Adobe, are offering similar features, and ‘instant bokeh’ has been a feature on leading smartphones for a while.

While the new bokeh tool is automatically applied, you can still control the amount of background blur, while also adjusting the background exposure, adding glow to highlights, setting a specific depth of field and refining edges.

The original image

The image with the new Bokeh AI effect applied

The update also include tools to make it easier to align a replacement sky with the horizon for a more realistic-looking final image, and a visual preview for adding textures to images. Indeed, Skylum was a pioneer in making replacing skies a much easier process via AI and machine learning.

In addition, there are a range of bug fixes.

The update is available now (will come with new purchases) and can be downloaded via “Check for Updates” in the app itself or in the App store (if purchased on Mac). The update is also free for current Luminar AI users and full details can be found here. The company has also expanded the Luminar AI manual.

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