A new version of Skylum’s Luminar editing program has been released for Windows and MacOS, which is based on AI (artificial intelligence). Luminar AI incorporates the machine-learning tools from Luminar 4 while adding some new ones, which adds up to quite a different editing experience.

Rather than seeing conventional tools and sliders for parameters like contrast or brightness when you first open the program, you are invited to try features like AtmosphereAI and SkyAI for landcapes, along with handy tools such as Golden Hour and Sunrays filters.

For portraits, you can try BodyAI, FaceAI, and IrisAI, while CompositionAI and StructureAI are available to change the look of an image in a more radical way.

“Luminar AI will help make image editing easier for everyone. We’ve removed the boring and difficult parts of photo editing without sacrificing creativity,” said Alex Tsepko, Skylum CEO. “Luminar AI will be a great tool in a creator’s workflow. They can focus on great results – not on the process of editing.”

Luminar AI is now available for pre-order. The full price will be £79, but there are ‘early bird’ discounts for the first 30,000 people to buy the software. Whether Skylum is correct in its prediction that AI-driven photo editing is the future for most photographers remains to be seen, but this is certainly an interesting development. Full details, with examples and ordering information, here.