The Zoom 360 photo experience

AP has teamed up with world-renowned tour specialists Zoom Photo Tours to introduce Amateur Photographer Photo Tours! We are thrilled to be able to offer readers an exciting programme of tours and workshops to a hand-picked selection of great photographic locations in the UK and bucket-list destinations around the world. We are pleased to announce two of our tours will involve the Zoom 360 photo experience: Tigers Forever with Steve Winter and Kenya Travel Photography with Philip Lee Harvey.

When you book onto these AP Photo Tours, you will get two digital workshops and a physical course – three steps so that you get maximum photo time when you are out in the field.

The digital parts will take place before and after the physical tour. This is to help you prepare for the physical course and have more time to take photographs during the course. After returning home, you can continue working with your pictures and get feedback during a follow-up digital meeting a few weeks after you have returned home.

Zoom 360: Tigers Forever and Kenya Travel Photography

Tigers Forever 360

Join world-renowned National Geographic photographer and big cat specialist Steve Winter on this unforgettable tour to two of India’s best national parks where you will experience and photograph its incredible wildlife with the most ferocious of all big cats, the tiger as the real highlight.

21 – 30 April 2023

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tigers forever zoom 360

Steve Winter, Tigers Forever

Kenya Travel Photography 360

Philip Lee Harvey, one of the world’s top travel photographers and awarded as Travel Photographers of the Year will lead this photography adventure to Kenya that will offer you fantastic photo opportunities.

19 – 27 February 2022

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kenya travel zoom 360

Philip Lee Harvey, Kenya Travel Photography

What you will get with Zoom 360

Digital start-up meeting

During our first start-up meeting, the photographer gives a lecture and slide show, goes through the basics of the physical course and gives you, as a participant, advice on what to think about before the course – both in terms of photography and equipment. The lectures during this digital meeting will be about photography in general but also specifically the genre or subjects we will photograph during the physical course.

The physical tour

During the physical course or tour, you get time with the photographer out in the field. Since you have already gained a lot of useful prior knowledge and inspiration, you can now focus entirely on your photography. The photographer is always there to give tips and advice as well as during the evening’s image editing.

Digital follow-up meeting

Some time after the physical course or tour has taken place, a digital follow-up is carried out. After you have had time to calmly go through and edit your photos, this is a good opportunity to ask questions about everything from cropping to how to colour-correct your shots.

Prior to the meeting, all participants should send some photos to the photographer, who will give constructive image criticism of the images. You will also discuss the pictures together with other participants.

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