AP has teamed up with world-renowned tour specialists Zoom Photo Tours to introduce Amateur Photographer Photo Tours! We are thrilled to be able to offer readers an exciting programme of tours and workshops to a hand-picked selection of great photographic locations in the UK and bucket-list destinations around the world.

Each tour will be led by internationally acclaimed and award-winning photographers, including National Geographic photographers Steve Winter and Mattias A Klum, Travel Photographer of the Year Philip Lee Harvey, world-renowned bird photographer David Tipling, and landscape pro Jeremy Walker.

You can view our full list of tours here.

Lead image credit: Charlie Malmqvist

guest on desert photo tour

Below, we have collated some information about what is on offer and what to expect from an AP Photo Tour, from booking the trip all the way to when you have come back home.

Why go on an AP Photo Tour?

– Small groups with personal guidance from world-leading and award-winning photographers.

–  Quality time in the field, daily photo activities and image editing workshops when we are not out taking pictures.

– A dedicated Tour Coordinator from Zoom Photo Tours takes care of the logistics and leaves the tutor free to concentrate on the photography.

– High-quality food, transport, and accommodation are provided during the trip, most of which is included in the listed price, allowing you to simply join us and focus entirely on photography.

widgeon by tesni ward, ap photo tour

Tesni Ward, Widgeon. Beginner’s bird photography, 6-8 May 2022

Before the tour


It goes without saying that when you book your trip you should already be able to know which hotels you will be staying in, and that these are of high standard. On trips abroad 4-star hotels will be organised where possible.

Contact before the trip 

Before the trip, travel coordinators will answer any questions you may have about the trip or the class. Help can be provided if you want to arrive a few days before the trip begins or providing suggestions for the best flight to get to the destination. If you want to stay a few days extra at the destination and experience something else, the travel coordinators will be happy to develop a program that suits your wishes.

jeremy walker iceland ap photo tour

Jeremy Walker. Iceland Photo Adventure, September 2022

Quick facts sheet

Long before the trip, you will receive a detailed “quick facts” sheet, containing everything you need to know about the destination, the daily program, equipment, visas (if required) and more.

Facebook group

Before each trip, a Facebook group is set up for the participants. Here you can communicate with other participants before, during and after the trip, about anything from equipment to coordinating carpooling and of course post pictures. Through the Facebook group you will get to know your travel companions before you meet them for the first time.

During the tour

To make the journey as smooth as possible and to allow you to put full focus on your photography skills, we have chosen to put together a comprehensive program, where all transport, accommodation and food are included during the trip.

Full focus on your photography 

From the first day of our trips and classes, the focus will be solely on photography. We travel in small groups and spend a lot of time out in the field, and you will have the opportunity to receive individual guidance from some of the world’s top photographers.

When we are not shooting, you will be in image-editing workshops, using Lightroom, as well as have joint picture reviews where you will receive constructive feedback on your pictures.

safari photo tour

Great accommodation and delicious food 

An important part of any trip is that your stay should be enjoyable, and that the food should be delicious. This is part of the overall experience offered.

Zoom’s travel host and local guides

Most trips include a travel host from Zoom, whose task it is to ensure the quality and the logistics so that the host photographer can devote their time to you and your photography.

All trips abroad also include a local guide who knows the local language, is up to date on the conditions on site and knows all the local customs. Trips are planned with local partners who are well acquainted with the hotels, bus companies and the various restaurants.

Wildlife conservation

Some trips will have wildlife conservation as a common thread throughout. Participants will not only experience and photograph some animals, including endangered species, but also learn more about the problems and situations in the places you visit.

tesni ward stag silhouette ap photo tour

Tesni Ward, Deer Rut in Bradgate Park. 14-16 October 2022

After the tour

Picture of the year

Everyone who has participated in our trips/workshops during the year can participate in Zoom’s ‘Picture of the Year’, where the first prize is a gift card of 5.000 SEK.


After each tour/workshop, we send out an evaluation that you anonymously can fill in with your thoughts about the tour/workshop,, so that we can make your photo adventure a little better next time.

guest photographing bears

Image: Charlie Malmqvist

“Thank you for an absolutely outstanding experience. One of the absolute best photo tours I have experienced.” Lennart Augustsson – attendee on Kenya, The Great Migration Zoom tour.

“Just want to take the opportunity to thank you for a nice photo tour. Very educational. In addition to having met some new exciting photographers and having the opportunity to take many great pictures, I have to say that Serkan Günes have convinced me photograph scenery with a tele lens now too! Super fun!” Dennis Berggren – attendee on Iceland Photo Adventure Zoom tour.

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