The Photography and Video Show starts at the Birmingham NEC in just over a week, and it’s a great opportunity to try out the hottest new cameras and lenses, as well as hearing some inspirational and educational talks from a wide range of speakers

This being International Women’s Day, we’re celebrating some of the great women speakers and workshop leaders who will be at the show. We start the rolling with an interview with Scarlet Page, a successful music photographer and Nikon Ambassador, who also mentors other photogaphers.

The Photography Show, Scarlet Page interview
Scarlet Page, never far from her Nikon

Scarlet, where did the interest in photography come from?
I was always interested in art but it was really when I did a foundation course that my love for the darkroom developed. My drawing/painting was always very photographic in hindsight. I will never forget getting my first Nikon, the excitement of holding an FM2 and how cool it was. I had a manual 24mm lens on it too, that I still have and love to this day.

How did you kickstart your career as a music photographer?
As mentioned above, I did a one year foundation course in art and then went on to do a three-year degree at University of Westminster. After this, I started assisting a music photographer for a year before heading out on my own.

Your dad is the Led Zeppelin guitarist, Jimmy Page. Did his massive reputation in the music industry help you get work at the beginning with bands and solo artists, or was it like, Scarlet who?
I’ve never used my dad’s name to advance my career or hadn’t at least until 2015 when I did a project all about guitarists, so it made sense to introduce myself as such then.

Scarlet Page, The Photography Show, Keith Richards
Keith Richards. Credit: Scarlet Page

I’ve made it my mission over my 30 year career to make my mark in my own right. Obviously some people would know without me telling them and this is out of my control. Working in the music business has been a familiar environment for me, I don’t get phased in the presence of big names and have the patience of a saint, there is often a lot of hanging around.

I am not in the business to be a fan girl or make friends, I think I take my job seriously and I have been lucky to be able to do what I love my whole career. I can assure you it hasn’t always been easy but determination and drive and got me to where I am now.

The Photography Show, Scarlet Page, The Verve
On tour with The Verve. Credit: Scarlet Page

Did you start out as a concert photographer and them move more into studio work? If so was the studio side a technical challenge or was it plain sailing?
No, I started doing my own work via contacts I made through assisting, and using the emails I built up. I went out to a festival in America where I just took opportunities where I could and made things happen (although I have never been very pushy and was quite shy back in the day).

The Photography Show, Scarlet Page, Oasis
Noel and Liam Gallagher. Credit: Scarlet Page

I was lucky with some of these early shots and my portfolio got me into editorial quite early, where I would do cover features with all different sort of rock bands. I got to fly around the world documenting life behind the scenes and do ’set up shots,’ as well as live images.

When did you start taking on more mainstream commissions, beyond music?
I have always done a bit of this and that, photographing actors, authors and doing some fashion work. I work with the Henley Literary Festival and they are wonderful; although it is like shooting eight weddings on the trot, I love being part of this team every year.

The Photography Show, Scarlet Page, outside work
One of Scarlet’s images for Scamp & Dude

Another company local to me is Scamp and Dude, and I have done campaigns for them such as beauty bloggers and actors/singers. I was lucky enough to shoot the Lionesses soccer team for a campaign a few years back, too.

I have been doing a bit of mentoring of late. It is really fulfilling working one on one with someone who has the passion to explore and take on advice. I started a bit of teaching in lockdown and may do more in the future.

The Photography Show, Scarlet Page interview, Amy Winehouse

Can you briefly highlight what you will be talking about at The Photography Show?
My talk will be about my career over 30 years, being a Nikon ambassador and shooting the Glastonbury festival last year after a 25 year hiatus

Other great women photographers to check out at The Photography Show

As well as Scarlet, the show will be packed with eminent women photographers and film makers. We’ve included some AP contributors below – for the full list of speakers, click here.

The Photography Show women speakers

Amy Shore
Amy is a worldwide automotive and lifestyle photographer based in Warwickshire. After graduating as a silversmith in 2013, Amy began as a freelance wedding photographer, before making the transition to automotive and lifestyle shots. In 2017, Amy became the youngest ever Nikon UK ambassador, holding workshops, talks and tutorials for the brand. In 2018, she won the Rising Star award at the AP awards and became a Nikon Europe Ambassador in March 2021.

Caroline Mendelsohn
A sometime contributor to AP, Caroline is a portrait specialist, whose practice is rooted in telling stories and amplifying the voices of those who are not always heard. Her passion is to be able to connect and communicate with people of all ages and backgrounds, to create work that is strong, powerful and based on their lives and stories. Caroline is a freelance photographer with Bloomberg News and Artist in Residence for Born In Bradford, as well a Nikon Europe Ambassador.

Ellie Rothnie
Ellie is an internationally acclaimed wildlife photographer, tour leader, and speaker, with an enduring love of birds and animal portraiture. Ellie’s use of natural light, backgrounds and foregrounds creates elegant and timeless images. She is also a Canon ambassador.

Emily Endean
As featured in a recent issue of AP, Emily describes herself as an ‘ocean addict,’ specialising in landscapes and nature.

Jo Bradford
Another AP regular, Jo is an internationally recognised authority on smartphone photography and the author of several critically acclaimed books on the subject, including Smart Photos. She is also acclaimed for her work in experimental camera-less photographic mediums such as luminograms, photograms and cliché verre prints.

Julieanne Kost
Named one of Fast Company’s “100 Most Creative People in Business,” Julieanne is the Digital Imaging Evangelist Director at Adobe, responsible for fostering relationships with customers through meaningful and inspirational Photoshop and Lightroom instruction. Watch out for Deputy Editor Geoff Harris’s interview with Julieanne soon.

Rachael Talibart
Rachael, whose images have also graced AP, is a professional seascapes photographer. Her critically acclaimed photographs of the ocean and coast have been featured in the press all over the world.

Tesni Ward
Regular AP readers will need no introduction to Tesni, an award winning, professional wildlife photographer and OM System ambassador based on the outskirts of the Peak District. While the majority of her work focuses on British wildlife, she also photographs projects across the world and has aspirations to promote conservation and education through her images.

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