Sony’s has updated its popular vlogging compact camera, the ZV-1, with the Sony ZV-1 Mark II bringing several major updates. Most notably, it gains a new 18-50mm equivalent f/1.8-4 ultra-wideangle zoom lens, along with a vastly improved touch interface compared to its predecessor. There’s an array of additional vlogging functions too, including new directionality settings for the built-in microphones to emphasise sounds either in front of, or behind the camera.

Sony ZV-1 Mark II front view with windshield

The ZV-1 Mark II comes with a windshield for its built-in microphone. Credit: Andy Westlake

Like its predecessor, the Mark II employs a 20MP 1-inch type sensor, which provides a sensitivity range of ISO 125-12,800 as standard, with extended low settings to ISO 80. It’s also capable of shooting full-resolution raw files at up to 24 frames per second. But its main focus is video, and to that end it’s capable of 4K recording at 30fps, and Full HD at up to 120fps. The lens includes a switchable 3-stop neutral density filter, but there’s no optical stabilisation.

Sony ZV-1 Mark II rear view with menus

Compared to the original model, the Mark II gains a dramatically improved user interface. Credit: Andy Westlake

Design-wise, Sony has kept to exactly the same formula, with a small boxy body, fully articulated screen, but no eye-level viewfinder. The control layout is very much geared towards vloggers, with equal prominence given to the shutter and video recording buttons. There’s also a dedicated ‘background defocus’ control that toggles between shooting with the lens wide open and stopped down for extended depth-of-field. But in a significant improvement, the ZV-1 Mark II gains a comprehensive touch interface (inherited from the simpler Sony ZV-1F) that allows the most important settings to be changed easily from in front of the camera.

Sony ZV-1 Mark II top view

The physical control layout is identical to the original ZV-1. Credit: Andy Westlake

Other key features include built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for connecting to a smartphone via Sony’s Creators’ App, and USB-C power delivery that enables extended recording times. The camera is capable of live streaming to social media when connected either to a computer or a Sony Xperia smartphone, and it can also be used as a webcam.

The Sony ZV-1 Mark II is due to go on sale in June for £870.

Sony ZV-1 Mark II review

Sony ZV-1 Mark II review. Credit: Andy Westlake

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