The impact of the global shortage of semiconductors on the photographic industry is continuing with Sigma CEO Kazuto Yamaki (pictured above) admitting it will affect production of some of the company’s products.

Sigma hasn’t released any official announcements regarding the ongoing chip shortage but Yamaki took to the social media platform Twitter to admit that semiconductor shortages have, and will continue to, affect production of some of its products.

The information was revealed in a quote tweet that was shared by Yamaki in response to a UK resident who inquired about the production and supply of three particular Sigma prime lenses he’d been unable to find in any local retailers. In response, Yamaki said, ‘…we’ve been continuing the full production. We just couldn’t catch up the demand of some products in Q4 2021… in 2022, supply shortage of semiconductor may affect production of some products.’

The tweet that Sigma CEO Kazuto Yamaki sent that admitted problems with production caused by ‘supply shortage of semiconductor[s]’

Yamaki didn’t specify what products are likely to be affected but, considering the context of the question he’s responding to in the tweet, it could be assumed that production of some lenses could be affected. Sigma makes the mirrorless fp L camera and has a current range of 47 lenses that includes its Contemporary, Art, Sports and Macro optics.

The latest Sigma development with regards to semiconductor shortages impacting imaging products comes after Sony Japan admitted in December 2021 that it had stopped accepting orders on 6 cameras and had ceased production of the Alpha 7 II and Alpha 6100 cameras and marked them as ‘production completed’ due to ‘the prospect of future parts supply.’

Semiconductors are incorporated into many devices, including cameras, lenses and cameras in smartphones. For example, the image sensors (either CCD or CMOS) in today’s digital cameras are based on metal oxide semiconductor (MOS) technology. Thus any shortage in semiconductors will naturally affect the potential production of and supply to market of cameras.

• Amateur Photographer has contacted Sigma, and all of the major camera manufacturers, for updates on how the semiconductor shortage could impact on the supply of products. We will keep you updated as to any official responses that could impact on specific product delays.

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