Sony, due to global supply problems recently halted production of several older camera models, including the A7 II, A6100, and A6400, however, since then, Sony has announced further cameras have been added to the list of delayed models, including some new models that have recently been released, including the Sony Alpha A7C, and Sony ZV-E10.

Due to severe shortages in parts procurement, Sony will no longer accept orders from dealers on the following products. Sony do not give an indication of when production of these models will be resumed.

Models with orders paused:

They have also announced that the following models have been discontinued, and have noted that they are now marked as “production completed” due to “the prospect of future parts supply.”

Sony ALpha A7 II

Discontinued Sony models:

  • Sony Alpha A7 II
  • Sony Alpha A6100

This means, that if you were planning on buying one of these cameras, then you should look to purchase one while you still can, or perhaps be prepared to look for an alternative model. The Sony Alpha A7 II from 2014, was replaced by the A7 III, which has recently been superceded by the A7 IV.

Source: Sony.JP (Japan)