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Rotolight has just launched on Kickstarter its most powerful and versatile portable LED light yet for videographers, content creators and professional film makers. As we will see, the innovative new Rotolight ANOVA PRO 3 LED light can also withstand anything that the British climate can throw at it!

The ANOVA PRO 3 builds on the success of the ANOVA PRO 2, but offers a host of enhancements, including almost double the power, dual V-lock batteries for longer running time of up to two hours at full power, a powerful built-in cooling fan, and IP65 weatherproofing, enabling the light to be used outdoors in harsh weather conditions.

Rotolight Anova PRO 3 touchscreen

The Rotolight Anova PRO 3 features the same colour touchscreen as the NEO and AEOS range

It also features an industry-first, patented ‘Magic Eye’ optical light sensor built into the front of the light that can automatically measure the ambient light and colour in the scene and match to any Kelvin or HSI colour, eliminating the need for a separate meter.

The ANOVA PRO 3 also brings to the series the innovations introduced on its NEO and AEOS series, including RGBWW LEDS offering both high-speed sync flash (1/8000sec) and continuous lighting in a choice of 16.7 million colours or 2,500 digital filters; a full-colour touchscreen control panel; a range of special VFX effects for videographers and over 100 Masters of Light gel and HSI colour pre-sets.

Like its recent NEO and AEOS siblings, the ANOVA PRO 3 can be controlled remotely using the Rotolight app (iOS and Android) which can control up to 20 lights simultaneously. A range of accessories, including barn doors and Rotolight’s unique patented SmartSoft Box are also available.

Rotolight Anova PRO 3 advertorial, batteries and cooling fan

The Anova PRO 3 features twin V lock batteries and a cooling fan

The Rotolight ANOVA PRO series is used by leading broadcasters and studios, including, Amazon Studios, Netflix, BBC and ITV. Buyers who back the new light on Kickstarter will benefit from substantial discounts and the ability to select from a variety of kit options, including multi-light kits and accessory bundles – as well as becoming among the first in the world to get their hands on them.

To be one of the first to get these impressive, cutting-edge lights, and secure a substantial discount into the bargain, head over to the Kickstarter page now

Rotolight Anavo PRO 3 advertorial, millions of colours

The Rotolight Anova PRO 3 offers millions of colours

Rotolight ANOVA PRO 3 key features:

  • Class-leading power, >22,000 lux at 3ft,
  • IP65 rated for outdoor use in the most challenging of weather conditions
  • Native IP dual V lock battery operation
  • Patented ‘Magic-Eye’ optical light sensor
  • Industry-first intuitive, full colour touchscreen display
  • Featuring in-built lumenradio wireless DMX, wired DMX and app control
  • Designed for television, filmmakers, photographers and content creators
  • Adjustable colour temperature from 1,700-20,000 Kelvin
  • 16.7million colours and 2,500 gels including those from LEE and Rosco
  • Unrivalled battery performance, energy consumption to power ratio (200W)
  • Excellent colour accuracy (TLCI 99, CRI 95)
  • HSS Flash mode for double power output
  • Built-in Elinchrom, Godox, Pixapro, Neewar + more transmitters
  • Compatible with previous generation accessories including yoke and barn doors
  • SmartSoft™ electronic diffusion enabled l 2-year manufacturer warranty included as standard

See how the ANOVA PRO 3 copes with AP’s water test!

Rotolight Anova PRO 3 advertorial, water test

Our Anova PRO 3 being sprayed with a garden hose

We tested the water-resistance of the Anova PRO 3 with model Sophia and a garden hose. Both Sophia and the Anova PRO 3 were impervious to the sustained heavy soaking we gave them! Get behind the scenes of the shoot with the YouTube video below…

A singular portrait result

Rotolight Anova 3 Pro advertorial, final portrait

Model: Sophia Turner @sophiaturner_x lit by a single Rotolight Anova PRO 3

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