Rotolight has announced the Rotolight Anova Pro 3, a new light for videographers, professional filmmakers and content creators. Described by Rotolight as an ‘all weather powerhouse’ that thrives in a variety of scenarios from controlled studios to unpredictable outdoor settings, it features an IP65 rating and 22,000 lux at 3ft.

The Rotolight Anova Pro 3 also comes with a new ‘Magic Eye’ optical light sensor that can automatically measure and match to any Kelvin or HSI Colour, enabling content creators and filmmakers to balance lights on set without a light meter.

Rotolight Anova Pro 3 from behind

Credit: Rotolight.

Rotolight’s new light will launch in March 2024 and will be available to buy for $2,999/£1679. Early bird discounts are already available and it will be sold by itself as well as part of a pack or bundle. To find out more, visit the Rotolight Anova 3 Kickstarter page.

Rotolight ANOVA PRO 3 Key Features:

  • >22,000 lux at 3ft
  • IP65 rated for outdoor use
  • Native IP dual V lock battery operation
  • In-built, patented ‘Magic-Eye’ optical light sensor: Enables the ANOVA PRO 3 to measure and match output to any Kelvin or HSI colour, eliminating the need for a light meter
  • Full colour touchscreen display
  • In-built lumenradio wireless DMX, wired DMX and Bluetooth app control via the Rotolight app (iOS & Android)
  • Designed for television, filmmakers, professional photographers and content creators
  • Adjustable colour temperature from 1,700-20,000 Kelvin
  • 16.7million colours and 2500 gels including those from LEE and Rosco
  • HSS Flash mode produces double power output
  • Built-in Elinchrom, Godox, Pixapro, Neewar + more transmitters
  • Compatible with previous generation accessories including yoke and barn doors
  • SmartSoft™ electronic diffusion enabled
  • 2-year manufacturer warranty included as standard
Rotolight Anova Pro 3 screens

Credit: Rotolight.

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