Profoto has unveiled its smallest ever off-camera monolight in the shape of the Profoto A2, which it describes as being ‘about the size of a regular soda can.’

Designed for use when space at events is at a premium, the off-camera strobe offers 100Ws flash and fast flash recycling times of between 0.1-1.6 seconds.

The A2 strobe measures 7.9×7.9×12.6cm (WxHxL) and weighs 773g (with the battery and stand adaptor included).

The A2 has a 10-step adjustment range for dialling the power output from 10% to 100%.

Profoto says the strobe has a continuous colour temperature of 3500K with a maximum LED output of 200 lumens.

An angled view of the front of the Profoto A2

An angled view of the front of the Profoto A2

Power & diffusion

The A2 is powered by Profoto’s A-series Mk. II battery, which can provide up to 400 flashes at full power.

The battery is said to charged up in under two hours with an A-series battery charger.

Like all flashes in the Profoto range, the A2’s flash head is round.

The front of the strobe is frosted and it has a built-in reflector and lens that are said to create ‘a natural light spread with smooth fall-off.’

The rear of the A2 features an LCD screen that shows its current power, remaining battery life and current operating temperature.

Angled view of the rear of the Profoto A2, showing its control panel

Angled view of the rear of the Profoto A2, showing its control panel

Connectivity & app operation

The A2 can connect to the broader universe of Profoto products with AirX connectivity built in.

You can use the A2 as a part of a more extensive lighting system, and you can shoot with any camera, including a smartphone.

It can be operated either via the large display on the flash or via the Profoto app.

The A2 can be combined with Profoto’s Clic System – a series of 75mm diameter light shaping tools that are bespoke to A-series flashes.

The light can also support the use of an umbrella attachment with the built-in umbrella connection.

The Profoto A2 being used on location

The Profoto A2 being used on location

Profoto A2 – key features

  • Powerful 100Ws flash and fast flash recycling
  • Built-in reflector and lens that creates a natural light spread with smooth fall-off
  • Fully compatible with all magnetic Profoto Clic Light Shaping Tools
  • Integrated AirX connectivity for full compatibility with all Profoto remotes and apps
  • Fully compatible with batteries and battery chargers for Profoto A-series flashes
  • Built-in LED focus/modelling light
  • Removable stand adapter with integrated umbrella holder
  • Clean and easy user interface with large hi-resolution display
  • Size: 7.9×7.9×12.6cm (WxHxL)
  • Weight: 495g (without battery and stand adapter); 773g (with battery and stand adapter)

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To find out more about the Profoto range go to the Profoto website.

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