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There has been a lot of quite abstract debate about the impact of AI on portrait, landscape and other genres of photography, with some hailing it as the next revolution in digital image-making, and others gloomily predicting that it will put photographers out of jobs and negate a lot of hard-won skills.

Professional photographers who are paid for their services are a (rightfully) demanding bunch who need practical, 100% reliable solutions to ensure their clients are happy. So it’s interesting to see how AI is already making a big difference when it comes to streamlining the editing workflow process and making it more efficient.

Faster, more efficient workflow is a win-win situation. Less time spent stuck in front of the computer editing images means more time you can devote to photo sessions, securing additional clients, accelerating payments, and ultimately, enhancing the efficiency of your business operations.

Embrace the AI revolution

As well as the time-saving factor, AI can ensure consistent editing, especially in batch processing. A day’s wedding shoot, for example, can generate hundreds if not thousands of images to wade through, so AI’s ability to detect intricate details beyond what you normally see can be a massive help.

AI can also ‘learn’ and adapt to your particular styled and provide provide personalised editing suggestions based on user preferences.

Then, of course, there is the area of enhanced creativity. AI tools can provide a very wide range of creative effects and transformations (especially generative AI software), empowering photographers to explore new styles.

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Introducing Aftershoot’s AI tools

A lot of companies are now jumping on the AI bandwagon, but Aftershoot stands out as a comprehensive solution for image selection and editing, backed by sophisticated AI-driven algorithms. Indeed it is the most favourably reviewed AI-powered picture selection (‘culling’) and editing tool on the market, as you will see later.

Aftershoot is a desktop application for MacOS and Windows that doesn’t require an Internet connection, so it’s perfect for photographers who travel. The software uses AI to streamline two fundamental workflow processes – selecting, or culling, images, and editing them.

Aftershoot advertorial save time with culling

By using powerful and intuitive AI algorithms to help select the best images from your Lightroom or Capture One catalogs, Aftershoot can save around 81 hours per year – that is about two full working weeks!

The software selects the best images to edit based on specific criteria such as:

• Sharpness
• Focus
• Duplicates
• Closed eyes and blinks
• Emotion
• Composition

Aftershoot’s tools are also customisable, so you can adjust the culling criteria based on your needs and preferences.

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AI editing with Aftershoot

In addition to AI-powered culling, Aftershoot also has an impressive AI editing component. It copies your preferred editing style onto any unedited images you add, with an accuracy rate of over 90%.

Just think of the amount of editing time this can save – time you can be spent hunting for new business or doing other profitable shoots.

To make use of the editing tools in Aftershoot, you’ll need to create an AI Profile by uploading at least 2,500 of your previously edited images from your Lightroom or Capture One catalogs to the Aftershoot app.

The AI tools in Aftershoot then learn your unique editing style and applies this knowledge to any new, unedited images you add. The editing function features include:

• Automated cropping and straightening
• Adjustments for brightness, tone curves, exposure, vibrance, and more.
• AI Profile customisasation
• Pre-built AI Profiles called AI Styles for photographers who don’t have enough images to train their own AI Profiles (so don’t worry if you can’t hit the 2,500 target).

We mentioned batch-processing earlier, and Aftershoot can edit 1,000 images in under a minute – again, a massive time and energy-saver.

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What other photographers think about Aftershoot

You don’t need to take the company’s word for it as many working photographers are already singing the praises of Aftershoot. ‘Aftershoot is perfect for culling and editing my wedding photos,’ said Jan Seller on a review on Trustpilot.

‘The software runs smoothly, doesn’t need an internet connection (so useful when working on the go) and the results are perfect! But what I like the most is the amazing customer support. Every time I have a question, I get an answer in a very short time.’

Another photographer, Lisa Derevycka, has been using Aftershoot for over two years. ‘It has simplified and sped up my workflow. Aftershoot saves me hours of work, is easy to set up and has to be a must for every pro photographer today.’ Then there is the short learning curve. Martin Valle adds: ‘with it I have managed to reduce my workflow to less than half the time, and with only a few weeks of training.’

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Get started with Aftershoot today

You can give Aftershoot a try by clicking here, or on the image above. The software is at a vanguard of practical AI applications for working photographers, and being able to call on AI tools can really lift your productivity and creativity to a whole new level. It’s time to embrace AI, not fear it.