Chroma Camera have released their new CubeFF 35mm film pinhole camera. It can also shoot in half frame with a little help from a drop-in frame insert that is included when you buy the camera. This will be particularly useful for anyone looking to double the fun and save on film all at once.

Chroma Camera is a British camera brand known for making large, medium, 135 and instant format film cameras. The CubeFF (FF stands for Full frame) joins the pocket-sized Baby Cube pinhole camera, which is Chroma Camera’s smallest camera and was launched in November 2021.

The CubeFF is available to order from the Chroma Cameras website and is priced at £125 (around $160). All Chroma cameras and accessories are hand built out of Chroma Camera’s Steve Lloyd’s workshop in the Northwest of England.

CubeFF key specifications:

  • Laser drilled 0.2mm pinhole
  • 30mm focal length
  • Equivalent aperture of f/150
  • Optimised for ISO 200/400 films

What is half frame?

A half frame camera, like the Kodak Ektar H35N, allows you to get double the photos. In short, you will get two exposures per frame, each taking up one half of the frame. If your roll has 36 exposures, a half frame camera (or in this case, insert) will allow you to shoot 72 exposures.

While you can shoot in horizontal if you turn the camera, a half frame camera is a good option if you want to do dyptychs, or a series of two photographs displayed side by side.

Via Kosmofoto.

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