To conclude our special mirrorless week online, we chat to keen landscape photographer and AP reader Michelle Cowbourne. Despite only taking up photography seriously less than three years ago, her images of Glastonbury Tor and the surrounding countryside have been featured in the national press, and she has been shortlisted in local and national competitions. She has also been featured on the Olympus blog.

You learned photography properly on the Olympus Pen F, how did you find this? 
The Pen F was a great camera to learn with. It is so light and portable that I took it everywhere with me which meant I practised a lot and with varying subject matters. Eventually I settled on landscape being my favourite genre, and it was a great camera to take out with me on my morning walks up Glastonbury Tor. I am lucky enough to live close to it.

What were the biggest technical challenges you faced when starting out?
The biggest technical challenge for me was composition, getting a scene right. I look back to two years ago and wonder why I shot a certain scene like I did. Composition is an ever evolving journey for me.

Now are you more established what do you particularly like about the Olympus system and lenses?
I like Olympus now because I know the menu well, the settings are easy to understand and the camera is easy to use. I still like it’s portability so that I can take it out on my walks. As far as lenses are concerned I just love the 9-18mm lens as it takes great landscape shots. I like to walk a lot and it’s weight and ease of use is very helpful. The focus peaking in manual is also great for landscape photographs. It has very easy to use manual settings.

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