If you want to try something new, or get nostalgic, Lomography has released a new 110 format film camera. Offering a unique experience the Lomomatic 110 comes with a multi-coated glass lens, innovative sliding mechanism, built-in flash and multi exposure features. The camera is available in classic silver and the colourful Golden Gate edition.

Lomomatic 110 features:

  • 23 mm Minitar CX multi-coated glass lens
  • Automatic exposure
  • Multiple and long-exposure shooting modes
  • Zone focusing
  • Adjustable ISO
  • Lomomatic Flash with colored filters
  • Metal Wrist Strap & Tin Can for 110 negatives included in flash package

Lomomatic 110 specifications:

  • Film format: 110
  • Lens focal length: 23 mm
  • Available apertures: Day f/5.6, Night f/2.8
  • Maximum aperture: f/2.8
  • ISO: controllable 100, 200 or 400
  • Shutter speed: Auto (A), Bulb (B)
  • Focusing: zone focus
  • Flash: “Day”, “Night” and “OFF” manual settings,
  • interchangeable color filters included
  • Multiple exposures: unlimited
  • Tripod socket: no
  • Battery: 1 x CR2 (1.5 V)
lomomatic 110 in silver
Image: Lomography

From Lomography: We’re thrilled to announce the release of our new advanced 110 film camera – the Lomomatic 110. Featuring a glass lens, automatic exposure, two aperture modes and controllable ISO settings, this is the most trusted 110 camera for seasoned photographers and a nostalgic voyage for those yearning for the grand old days of 110 pocket film.

The 110 format is important to us – it’s an exciting format offering a unique shooting experience. Our mission has always been, and remains, to keep film alive. That’s why we brought the 110 format back to life in 2012 and are currently the only producer of new 110 film and cameras. The Lomomatic 110 represents our next step in 110 photography, with the production of a premium new camera that will allow photographers of all abilities and experience levels to get sharp, creative and reliable results on 110 film.

“The multi-coated glass lens, built-in flash and multi exposure option are the key features for considering it from today’s perspective. Another plus is that you get a brand-new camera straight from the production line and don’t have to hunt for a vintage one in good condition.” —Analog Insights.

With an innovative sliding mechanism, this portable pleasure can squeeze into any space for crazy Lomographic perspectives, capturing a slice of life on 110 film. Designed for everyday photography, it’s easy for anyone to use! For those less familiar with the 110 format, we’ve created a dedicated page all about 110 including tips and tricks for mastering creative techniques as well as a list of places to get 110 film developed.

sample 110 lomography image multiple exposure portrait
Credit: Amp Puttipong


Crafted for those who crave spontaneity and live for carefree moments, the Lomomatic 110 is designed to capture fragment of every memory with distinctive 110 charm. A window to snippets of your world; wherever the road leads, whatever escapades unfold, this tiny marvel is a pocket-sized companion for the unexpected twists and turns of life. From everyday moments to special occasions, capture a glimpse of life through its sharp glass lens and compact creativity! Available now in the classic silver metal edition and colorful Golden Gate edition, both with additional flash attachment, it’s time to explore the world with the Lomomatic 110!


Don’t be fooled by its size — this creative companion is bursting with big ideas! It’s a thrilling companion for analogue beginners, the sharpest and most trusted 110 camera for seasoned photographers, and a nostalgic voyage for those yearning for the grand old days of 110 film. Opening the door to a world of possibilities with fully automatic settings, controllable ISO, zone focusing, and interchangeable apertures, it can squeeze into all types
of small spaces for crazy Lomographic perspectives. Ready for anything, the Lomomatic 110 captures fragments of life, each frame is a glimpse into a spontaneous moment frozen in time, effortlessly transformed into a vibrant memory.

Lomomatic 110 Camera and Flash Classic Edition MSRP: £149
Lomomatic 110 Camera and Flash Golden Gate Edition MSRP: £109
Lomomatic 110 Camera Golden Gate Edition MSRP: £89

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