Leica has revealed the latest model in its Q range of full-frame fixed-lens compacts, with the new Leica Q3 having the same fundamental design as its predecessors, but gaining a new 60MP sensor and tilting screen. It also benefits from much improved autofocus, including on-sensor phase detection, and subject recognition for people and animals.

Leica Q3 at a glance:

  • £5300
  • 60.3MP full-frame sensor
  • 28mm f/1.7 optically stabilised lens
  • ISO 50-100,000
  • Up to 15 fps shooting
  • 5.76m-dot, 0.76x viewfinder
  • 3in, 1.84m-dot tilting screen
  • 8K 30p; 4K 60p; Full HD 120p video

In other respects, the Q3 closely resembles previous models in the range, with the same optically stabilised Summilux 28mm f/1.7 ASPH lens. It’s styled to look like Leica’s classic M-series rangefinders, with aperture and manual focus rings around the lens, and a shutter speed dial on top. However the back of the camera has been substantially rearranged to accommodate the tilting screen.

Leica Q3 back view

Leica Q3 back view. Credit: Leica

Other updates include a high-resolution 5.76m-dot electronic viewfinder; 8K video recording; and the addition of HDMI and USB-C ports. The latter can be used to power the camera, charge the battery, or for a wired connection to iPads and iPhones using the Leica FOTOS app. There’s also a new higher-capacity battery, the BP-SCL6, which is the same size and shape as the older BP-SCL4 and can be used in older Leica cameras, too.

This being Leica, a whole array of accessories are available, including leather straps and half-cases. There are also metal thumb grips, hoods, hot-shoe covers and screw-in soft release buttons for personalising the camera, in a choice of three colours.

Perhaps the most interesting, though, is a Wireless Charging grip, which brings wireless charging using the common Qi standard to a camera for the first time. Naturally, there’s a matching charging pad, too.

Leica HG-DC1 wireless charging handgrip and the matching charging pad

Leica HG-DC1 wireless charging handgrip and the matching charging pad. Credit: Leica

The Leica Q3 is available to order now for £5300. Read our full review to find out more.

Leica Q3 review

Read our in-depth Leica Q3 review. Credit: Andy Westlake

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