Imaging Resource ceased publication on 6 May 2023 and is now offline after nearly 25 years of regularly publishing in-depth reviews, interviews, and industry news, with anyone previously trying to access the website getting an error message. Currently, it redirects to Outdoor Photographer Magazine, which like Imaging Resource, is also owned by BeBop Media. There has been no statement or any additional information since to explain this.

The respected US-based camera news and review site launched in 1998, the same year as DPReview, which apart from Imaging Resource was the only other US-based photo publication with a dedicated camera testing lab. It was also due to be shut down by Amazon back in April, but what is actually happening is unclear as the site is still up and running, the forums are still active, and DPReview staff are continuing to post new stories and articles.

Imaging Resources closed, screenshot of Imaging Resources website offline

Screenshot of Imaging Resource now.

Imaging Resource on The Wayback Archive

Imaging Resource on the Wayback Archive

Imaging Resource narrowly avoided closure back in 2019 but was bought by Mavador Media. After its acquisition, the Imaging Resource website operated for a couple of years under Madavor but without Imaging Resource’s founder Dave Etchells as the editor until the theatre and music focused BeBop Channel bought Madavor Media in March 2023.

‘From the early days of digital photography, Imaging Resource has been one of the most authoritative sources for information about digital cameras,’ DPReview editor Dale Baskin said when he learnt of the closure. ‘Long before joining the team at DPReview, Imaging Resource was one of my go-to sites for camera advice, and I bought more than a few cameras based on Dave Etchell’s informative analysis. This is a big hit for camera enthusiasts as well as the camera industry.’

DPReview closure

These news come a few months after it was announced that DPReview was to close.

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