H&Y has announced the RevoRing Swift Ecosystem, allegedly ‘the world’s first magnetic modular filter system for photographers and videographers’, which will be offered via a Kickstarter campaign that’s set to start on 20 April 2022.

The company says this latest product features a magnetic ‘clip-on’ design that allows users to snap a square filter holder or matte box onto a lens in seconds.

This snap-on system will allow for the easy and rapid switching of filters, so users can quickly mount the right one without wasting time and missing a shot.

The RevoRing Swift also allows filters to be swapped through a rear drop-in design that accommodates a wide range of filters, all leveraging the variable RevoRing step-up ring system that was launched in 2020.

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See below to watch a quick video that explains the RevoRing Swift Ecosystem…

This system meant you no longer needed to buy a separate step-up ring for every lens size – you could just use a 37-49mm RevoRing for 52mm circular filters, a 46-62mm RevoRing for 67mm circular filters or a 67-82mm RevoRing for 77mm circular filters.

Using the RevoRing Ecosystem (which was originally funded within 90 minutes on Kickstarter), users can use a single system mounted on any and all of their lenses and be able to quickly and easily snap, stack, and swap the filters between them.

The company says this new ‘swift’ magnetic modular system will help creatives cope with challenging shooting tasks, which in turn saves time and money on shoots.

H&Y’s RevoRing product range includes the Black Mist filters (including a clip-on), a circular polariser, a neutral density (ND), variable NDs with polariser, variable step adapters, ND clip-on filters, and CNC machined aluminium magnetic RevoRing caps to help prevent dust, scratch, and moisture droplets on the lenses and filters when not in use.

See below to watch a video that explains the H&Y RevoRing ring and clip-on system…

The RevoRing Swift is the second expansion of the H&Y’s RevoRing system this year, joining the RevoRing Filter system and clip-on filter that was announced in January 2022, which also uses magnets.

The H&Y RevoRing Filter system clip-on filters was claimed to be the first filter product that can attach to lenses of different thread sizes and eliminates filter adapter rings.

The RevoRing has a unique ‘self-retracting blade technology’ with threaded ends that secure on the front of lenses.

The company says that each threaded end has been designed to overlap and therefore any possibility of light leaking has been removed.

The rotating blades allow the RevoRing to adapt to multiple filter sizes quickly and easily.

The H&Y RevoRing Magnetic Filter System in use

The H&Y RevoRing Magnetic Filter System in use

Kickstarter campaign

The new H&Y RevoRing Swift Filter Ecosystem will officially launch on Kickstarter on 20 April 20, 2022.

Until then, H&Y has set up a page that is offering a ‘super early bird’ discount on its website after you register and sign up.

To discover more just go to the H&Y Swift Filter System Kickstarter page.

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