H&Y RevoRing adapter at a glance:

  • Variable diameter step-up ring
  • Five sizes available
  • Robust aluminium construction
  • Neoprene case included

While certain types of screw-in lens filters are really useful, there’s no getting away from the fact that they’re expensive. For example, in the 82mm size commonly used by 24-70mm f/2.8 zooms, high-quality polarising or neutral density filters can cost well over £100 each. If you have lenses with a range of threads, the cumulative price of purchasing the most useful filters in every size you might need adds up rapidly.

The RevoRing is a variable step-up ring that allows you to fit filters to lenses with a range of smaller thread sizes

There are a couple of solutions to this. The first is to use a square filter system, where you only need one filter of each type. But these are bulky and slow to use, while the filters are pricey and fragile. The second is to buy a set of filters in the largest size you need and use step-up rings to adapt them to smaller threads. But this can be fiddly and time-consuming.

H&Y has come up with another option, in the shape of the RevoRing adapter. This is a variable-size step-up ring that will fit lenses with a range of different filter threads. Five sizes are available, each of which can potentially replace as many as six step-up rings.

H&Y RevoRing adapter key features:

  • Case  A high-quality circular neoprene case is provided to protect the adapter and any attached filter
  • Light-tight  The 8-bladed lens thread grip is cleverly designed so light can’t leak around the back of the filter
  • Grips  The two counter-rotating sections have differently textured, but very effective machined grips on their edges
  • Five sizes  The smallest RevoRing takes 52mm filters and fits lens threads from 37-49mm; the largest takes 95mm filters and fits threads down to 82mm

So how does it work? The lens attachment thread is split across eight blades to give a variable size opening, much like the aperture diaphragm in a lens. Twisting the front part of the housing relative to the rear causes the diameter to contract; release your grasp and the diaphragm will spring open again, gripping onto a lens tightly.

Here the diaphragm is shown closed down to its smallest size, so you can see how the lens thread grips work

H&Y recommends that you allow the RevoRing to open in a controlled fashion and then screw it into the lens by an additional quarter turn, to give the best possible grip. To remove it, either reverse the process or unscrew it in the conventional fashion. This all works remarkably well.

So what’s the catch? Most obviously, you can’t use a RevoRing at the same time as a lens hood. As the adapter is 8mm thick, you can also get vignetting with wideangle lenses, especially when stepping down to a thread that’s only slightly smaller than the filter. The extent of this will depend on each individual lens.

H&Y RevoRing Variable Adapter Ring: available sizes

The H&Y Revoring adapter comes in five sizes, each of which takes a different size filter and fits a different range of thread diameters.

The RevorRing comes in a variety of sizes. Each comes with a neat neoprene case.

  • Fits 37-49mm threads; takes 52mm filters; £33
  • Fits 46-62mm threads; takes 67mm filters; £33
  • Fits 52-72mm threads; takes 77mm filters; £37
  • Fits 67-82mm threads; takes 82mm filters; £37
  • Fits 82-95mm threads; takes 95mm filters; £42

H&Y RevoRing Variable Adapter Ring: Our Verdict

H&Y RevoRing adapters are a great money-saving option for filter users, being much quicker and more convenient to use than multiple step-up rings. Even if you already own a range of different size filters, they could be a neat way of reducing how much kit you need to carry around.

4.5 stars