In celebration of International Women’s Day and Women’s Month (March), the Grainsplaining podcast, presented on the Sunny16 feed, is hosting a charity print sale: IWDFrameTheGrain. The print sale will be taking place 29th March – 1st April – you can sell and/or buy a print. Everyone and anyone can get involved, and all photography prints are accepted. See details below on what you need to do!

Grainsplaining is dedicated to speaking about the inequalities that women face in the photography industry and proud to see the positive changes taking place, particularly in the film community.

bright pink bag with film inside, next to white gogo boots
Image: Emma Lloyd

How to get involved in IWDFrameTheGrain:

  • Pick your photo to sell: Choose a photo that you would like to sell as a print. There is no theme
  • Share the photos on social media: Throughout March, post your photos with the hashtag #IWDFrameTheGrain
  • Browse the submissions: Browse the submissions under the #IWDFrameTheGrain hashtag or on the @grainsplaining feed.
  • Reach out via direct message: 29th March – 1st April is print sale weekend. When you find a photo you love, reach out to the photographer via direct message.
  • Choose a charity: It can be any that supports women and female empowerment.
  • Make a donation to buy the print: Send a screenshot to the seller proving you have made a donation to a women’s charity. The send the screenshot to Grainsplaining via
  • How to price your print: Suggested minimum donation $10 / £10:
  • Spread the word: Invite your friends and followers to take part.
  • Send your print: Send your print out promptly, with postage organised between you and the photographer.

Submissions close on 28th March, with sales taking place between 29th March – 1st April.

charity suggestions for iwdframethegrain

What types of prints are eligible?

Any! Digital, darkroom, Polaroid, Cyanotype, whatever print you have or medium you use. You can print to any size, but the recommended is postcard to A4 size.

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