The winners of the first Nature Photography Contest have been revealed! From more than a thousand entries that showcase amazing imagery from the world of wildlife, landscape and more,  the top Photography of the Year prize went to Glenn Ostle for the image “Sea Lion in Los Islotes”, whilst the Photographer of the Year 2023 award went to Alain Schroeder. The next competition is due to open for entries in May 2024.

From Nature Photography Contest, 15th January 2024: 

The Nature Photography Contest, which held its first edition in 2023, has proved to be an excellent meeting point where photography and love for our planet go hand in hand. Now, two months after entries closed, the contest has presented the winning photographs and photographers of a contest that promises to continue growing and expanding its borders.

Nature Photography Contest Photography of the Year winner: Sea Lion in Los Islotes by Glenn Ostle

Nature photography contest Photography of the Year - Glenn Ostle - Sea Lion in Los Islotes,

Photography of the Year – Glenn Ostle – Sea Lion in Los Islotes,

Glenn Ostle’s photograph “Sea Lion in Los Islotes” has clinched the prestigious Photography of the Year award, along with a €1000 prize. Ostle’s ability to capture the exact moment when the sea lion seems to be posing for him in front of a school of fish that forms an inimitable natural backdrop has astonished the jury. Not surprisingly, the naturalness of the animal and the complexity of the image perfectly illustrate the importance of our seabed and the care of its species.

Photographer of the Year and His Environmental Commitment: Alain Schroeder

Nature Photography Contest Photographer of the Year Alain Schroeder Maldives

Photographer of the Year, Alain Schroeder,

The Photographer of the Year 2023 award went to Alain Schroeder for his striking and attractive images. Photographs in which he has been able to demonstrate his talent and versatility. Alain Schroeder’s photographs stand out for his commitment to the environment, with captures such as the one that have led him to win, also, the category “Sharing the planet”. As part of his newly acquired title, the Photographer of the Year will be in charge of deciding the country in which the nearly 400 trees that The Nature Photography Contest, in collaboration with One Tree Planted, will plant. One for each of the participants in this first edition. An achievement that has excited the organizers and that they hope to surpass in future editions.

Other Award Winning Categories:

But Glenn Ostle and Alain Schroeder are not the only photographers to receive awards. In addition to the Photograph of the Year award for the former and the Photographer of the Year title for the latter, the ten categories presented by the photo contest have been resolved as follows:

  • Natural Landscape: “Burning Flower” by Marek Biegalski.
  • Wildlife: “Stories in the Sand” by Soumya Ranjan Bhattacharyya.
  • Macro Photography: “The Dreamer – Philaeus chrysops” by Adrian Truchta.
  • Underwater: “Tangle” by 家 住.
  • Birds: “Puffin in Iceland” by Alessio Calviani.
  • Plant Life: “Pandora” by Marcio Cabral.
  • Night World: “Los Arcos y la Cueva” by Marc Marco.
  • Environmental Impact: “Fatigue Sleep” by Muhammad Hossain.
  • Sharing the Planet: “Saving Orangutans 01” by Alain Schroeder.
  • Funny Nature: “Monday” by Panisara Sripratoom.
Nature Photography Contest Landscape Winner - Marek Biegalski - Burning Flower,

Landscape Winner – Marek Biegalski – Burning Flower,

All these photographs are able to illustrate different aspects of why we should pay attention to our world, from the beauty of its landscapes to the effects of not taking care of it. Incredible pictures to which almost a hundred of finalist photographs are added and that can be enjoyed on the contest website:

The Future of The Nature Photography Contest:

The first edition of The Nature Photography Contest has ended with more than a thousand images submitted, representing the feelings of almost 400 photographers who have participated with their photographs from many different places. A participation that has amazed the organizers and they can only hope that the next edition, which is expected to begin in May 2024, will go even further and allow the images they have shared with them to fulfill their function.

“These photographs are not only exceptional images, but also a call to action to protect and preserve our planet. Through The Nature Photography Contest, we seek to inspire awareness and appreciation for the beauty that surrounds us” said The Nature Photography Contest.

This year, the contest has attracted entries from around the world, whose images reflect the diversity of life on Earth. Competition has been fierce, and each winner has contributed to the global narrative of nature in its purest form.

To discover more about the winners and delve into their captivating images, feel free to visit

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