Canon has announced the Canon PowerShot Golf, a compact laser rangefinder for golfers. You heard that right, while it’s not an action camera, it’s a tool for avid golfers designed to help up their game as well as document it.

The pocket-sized Canon PowerShot Golf is said to give fast and accurate distance readings anywhere on the course and features a built-in camera with a 1/3-inch CMOS 11MP sensor, a fixed F3.9 aperture and OIS (optical image stabilisation) for capturing both stills and Full HD video. Additionally, it is IPX4 water-resistant.

Photo taken with Canon PowerShot Golf. Credit: Canon.

The Canon PowerShot Golf is already available to pre-order from the Canon website for $349.99 / £329.99.

From Canon:

London, UK, 21st May 2024 – With the cold months behind us, avid golfers will be getting ready to tee off at their favourite course. Just in time, Canon Europe today announces the PowerShot GOLF – a nimble and advanced laser golf rangefinder with camera function, designed to help every player from amateurs to pros perfect their score.

The new product marks a first foray from Canon into the world of golf accessories, bringing together advanced rangefinding capabilities with visual imaging technology for maximum benefit. The pocket-sized PowerShot GOLF gives fast and accurate distance readings anywhere on the course while allowing golfers to document their round with its easy-to-use camera.

Fast, pinpoint readings every time

The PowerShot GOLF delivers accurate readings fast. Its high-precision laser and pin-locking function target the closest object when multiple subjects are detected.

Credit: Canon.

With the crystal-clear bright optics with 6x optical and extra digital magnification capabilities in an extremely small form factor, golfers can visually assess the course in greater detail, perfect for improving handicaps at new and familiar courses alike.

Utilising 12x digital magnification, golfers can get a closer look at flags, greens, bunkers and other key hazards, providing a comprehensive view of the course and helping them formulate their strategies to make better decisions about what club to use.

Powerful but pocketable

The PowerShot GOLF is lightweight and compact and can fit into any pocket for easy portability between shots, so users needn’t worry about convenience. Even better, it is water-resistant to IPX4 standards for use on rainy days.

As one of the lightest rangefinders on the market, it’s suitable for all golfing occasions and features a built-in rechargeable battery that will last and can be conveniently topped up anywhere via its USB-C port.

Credit: Canon.

Pick the right club

The PowerShot GOLF allows golfers to master the course and pick the perfect club for every shot with its precise, reliable distance readings. These include elevation-adjusted distances when using the optional Slope Mode.

Slope Mode factors in elevation changes, giving a more comprehensive view of the course. It calculates “plays like” distances, providing crucial data for making informed club selections with confidence.

Record and improve

Golfers can capture pictures and videos of specific holes with superimposed distance information on the golf course. This feature allows them to create a personal course diary, complete with voice memos to record a break down of every shot.

In the event of disputes or questions about rule compliance, golfers can use the camera to document their lie, the position of their ball, or any obstacles in their path. This visual evidence can help settle disagreements and maintain the integrity of the game.

The built-in camera is ideal for capturing stills and video, perfect for documenting those unforgettable moments, to remember a breathtaking course, for educational purposes, to track progress or even to share a winning swing on social media.

Credit: Canon.

Superb optics

The product’s high-quality optics, bright electronic viewfinder, and Image Stabilizer technology ensure a steady, clear and detailed view of the golf course.

This steadiness can lead to more accurate distance measurements, especially when trying to pinpoint targets, such as flags or hazards, at a distance.

Stay within the rules

With tournament season on the horizon, the PowerShot GOLF is approved as conforming to the Rules of Golf. Players can easily comply with tournament regulations with the ability to turn off Slope Mode, complete with a flashing blue light to reassure players that the user is playing fair.

To find out more about the Canon PowerShot GOLF laser golf rangefinder and to order, please visit:

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