Last year we ran a story about a project by Brian May’s London Stereoscopic Company to get people from all over the world to send in their best 3D images during the various Covid-19 lockdowns and restrictions most of us are having to live under at the moment. As regular readers will know, the Queen guitarist is passionate about 3D and stereo photography, and has been since childhood.

With lockdown now back for the third time in the UK, the project is still going strong – it is also about sharing what lifts people’s spirits in this challenging time and the majority of participants seem to have embraced nature, according to the organisers.

“To take 3D photos on a smartphone, the London Stereoscopic Company recommends using APP, iSteroid 3D for iPhone and 3DSteroid Pro for Android apps,” said a spokesperson. “To view stereoscopic (3D) images, check out these ingenious, slick viewers Brian designed, called OWLS.”

OWL see you later… Brian with the 3D viewer he designed

Email your photos to and some of the best images will be shared on the @londonstereo Facebook page. Get some inspiration from previously submitted images below.

Picture credit: Some bloke called Brian May, UK

Elisabeth Frydenlund, Norway

Picture credit: Steven McInerny, Massachusetts USA

Sally Garone, Spain

Picture credit: Valentina Carta, Sardinia

Picture credit: Anna Ribouli, Italy

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