When the lockdown started, Brian May’s London Stereoscopic Company put out a call for positive and uplifting 3D images from all over the world. This worthy project still has plenty of steam, with images submitted from Japan, Canada, Netherlands, Sardinia, London, Germany, Paraguay, Italy, Norway and Brazil, amongst others –  images which capture “how universal pleasures such as nature and our beloved ones are getting us through this ominous time,” say the organisers. “You may be isolated in lockdown and unable to go further than your home or garden but if you take the time to look, you will notice there is beauty all around waiting to be appreciated.”

If you have any images captured in 3D which you would like to submit, send to nicole@londonstereo.com and they could appear on the @londonstereo Facebook and Twitter feeds.

See below for some of the images already submitted from all over the world. The last image was taken by Brian himself at his lockdown retreat (note: to get the full effect you will need a 3D image viewer, such as the Owl). The London Stereoscopic Company’s website is here.

Mary Friargiu shows the beauty of flowers blossoming in Sardinia
A Chinese doll holding a good luck charm, by Sakiko Watanabe of Japan
Linda Geijs from the Netherland shows the happiness loved ones can bring
“Grateful for my roof and my feathered friends,” says Brian. “And the music of the Drifters – Up on the Roof. Hang in out there, folks!”