Analogue Wonderland (AW) is accepting entries for their Kodak Summer Competition and is looking for your best film photography taken with Kodak Portra 160 film. The Kodak Portra 160 film one of the world’s best colour films for sunny days and there are currently summer deals on all formats on the Analogue Wonderland website and you can save up to £15 on a pack of Kodak Portra 160 35mm, 120, or 4×5 sheet film.

The theme of the Kodak Summer Competition is ‘Summer’. The deadline for submission is 31 August 2023 and you can enter your photos through this submission form. There will be prizes for the two winners selected by a judge from Kodak Alaris, as well as an exclusive prize for a Club AW member chosen separately by the Analogue Wonderland team.

Save on Kodak Portra 160 film, Analogue Wonderland

Save up to £15 on a pack of Kodak Portra 160 35mm film. Credit: AW.

Featured photo credit: Matt Molson, @trashpandamatt.

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