Manfrotto has unveiled the new 190go! M-series tripod range, which is available in aluminium and carbon fibre. Credit: Manfrotto

Manfrotto has launched a new 190go! M-series range of lightweight and compact tripods.

The Italian manufacturer made the announcement after introducing its latest product for mobile filmmakers in November, a smartphone filmmaking rig.

One of the main features of the range of tripods is the twist lock system, which it claims will enable quick setup. The mechanism is made to work with one hand through a single 90-degree hand movement.

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The M-series tripod range includes the aluminium three-leg MT190XPRO3, the aluminium four-leg MT190XPRO4, the three-leg carbon fibre MT190CXPRO3 and the four-leg carbon fibre MT190XPRO4.

The company claims that the carbon versions will have improved stiffness due to a new carbon fibre weave.

With regards to heads, the tripods will be available with the Manfrotto XPRO heads – the MHXPRO-3W three-way head and the MHXPRO-BHQ2 XPRO ball head.

Manfrotto’s twist lock system is designed to enable a quick and easy setup, according to the company. Credit: Manfrotto

The tripods can also be adjusted into a horizontal position as well as vertical, which Manfrotto claims can be done without removing the head or the camera.

The company has also added an ‘easy link’ attachment on to the tripod to allow for extra equipment to be added on, like LED lights or a reflector.

The Italian tripod company are also announcing a new logo to be added to their products from the launch of this range onwards. Credit: Manfrotto

The new 190go! M-series is available from £174.95. For more information, visit

With the new range, the company are also launching a new logo confirming that all of their tripods are designed and manufactured in Italy.

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