Under the expert guidance of professional photographers Matt Hart and Kevin Mullins, successful applicants will be issued with the latest Fujifilm X-Series cameras including the fabulous X-T1 and X-T10, as well as the choice of lenses to try out, for a street walk around the West End’s hotspots, whilst picking up professional tips and techniques from the two of the UK’s finest street photographers. Refreshments will be provided and everyone will leave with a goody bag.

When: November 18th

Where: Central London / West End

Closing Date: 11th November 2015

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MATT HART is a street and event photographer based in Liverpool. He is an official Fujifilm X-Photographer, a Formatt Hitech featured Artist and the founder of the Fujiholics Social Media Group. Matt is passionate about street photography; he has developed the skill to observe and be virtually invisible, letting the world carry on around him without affecting the scene. The subject is unaware. Matt keeps the system and process as simple as possible so as not to over complicate the task. This is why he has chosen the Fuji X system for his professional work which helps him to achieve his style. Matt runs street photography workshops and courses around major UK cities, passing on his techniques.

KEVIN MULLINS is an award-winning wedding and street photojournalist with a passion for people watching. He shoots with the small, Fujifilm mirrorless cameras and always with natural light only. He was the first Fujifilm X-Photographer in the wedding area and shoots exclusively as a documentary / candid photographer. Weddings are where Kevin plys his trade, but as he says, really it’s just ‘people being people – they happen to be at weddings’. His wedding and street work feed into one another – candid street photography is his training ground for his successful wedding photography. He runs regular photography workshops and seminars across the UK and beyond.

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