Advanced Photography Skills Spring 2015 – Available to buy as a digital download or in print*

Advanced Photography

Advanced Photography Skills Spring 2015


Planning and Preparation
For successful landscape photography, don’t skimp on the preparation. Follow our research tips and it will make a world of difference

Essential Apps
We reveal the most useful landscape photography apps that you need on your phone right now

Third-party Landscape Lenses
Look out for these used lenses from the independent brands – you might just get a bargain

Photograph Landscapes with a Telephoto Lens
Try it and you’ll expand your creativity

Advice on framing and cropping, plus composition top tips from the pros

Sharper Landscapes
We help you master the art of capturing pin-sharp landscape images, with a few handy techniques

Custom white balance
Want accurate hues? You need to set up a custom white balance – here’s how to do so

Dynamic Range and Metering
We explain the concept of dynamic range and what effect it has on the images you take

The three filters you cannot live without

Black & White Landscapes
How to shoot in b&w to convey more meaning and atmosphere

Complete Guide to Shooting Infrared Images
It’s easier than you might think, and results are often stunning. We explain all you need to know

Long Exposures
Shooting long-exposure images can be daunting at first but we show you how to get results you’ll be proud of

13 Landscape Editing Tricks
There are certain crucial editing skills that you will need at times, from removing noise to perspective correction, to make sure your landscape images are just the way you remembered the scene. Over 12 pages, we reveal the skills you need to know

Cable Releases
For successful landscape images, a cable release is essential. We look at six different systems

A tripod is a vital piece of kit. We explain exactly how to choose the best one for you

Landscape Accessories
We round up 15 other accessories you need for shooting landscapes

*Advanced Photography Skills Spring 2015 – Available to buy as a digital download or in print.

Available in newsagents until 14 May 2015

Available by post – please send a cheque for £4.50 made payable to Time Inc (UK) Ltd to Back Issues, Amateur Photographer, 110 Southwark Street, London SE1 0SU stating the magazine and date you require. Please remember to included your own name and address.

Or telephone 020 3148 4138 to order your copy.